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Food: To make Front against Pen, the calls to manifest Saturday multiply

Australia's chief vet backs calls to import lumpy skin disease samples for vaccine work

  Australia's chief vet backs calls to import lumpy skin disease samples for vaccine work Mark Schipp is supporting the cattle industry's proposal to import live samples of the disease in a bid to protect Australia's $40 billion red meat industry. Mark Schipp has returned from a trip to Indonesia where the disease has been spreading through Sumatra's Riau province.Authorities there are trying to vaccinate about 83,000 cattle in the region.Dr Schipp also saw the effects of the disease first-hand while visiting a farm in Singapore that was dealing with an outbreak."Animals that are in poor condition or weak are severely affected, to the extent they're no longer able to walk or feed," he said.

Lors d'un déplacement de Marine Le Pen à Dunkerque, le 12 mars. © Denis Allard during a trip from Marine Le Pen to Dunkirk, March 12.

dozens of events are planned in France this Saturday, eight days of the second round of the presidential election, to say "no" on the extreme right to the call of many organizations and unions, including the League of the rights of the man, the CGT or the union of the judiciary.

These organizations will meet around the keyword "against the extreme right and its ideas, no Marine Le Pen to the Elysee". "It is a question of preventing the advent of a project of destructive corporation of the rule of law, the Social Democratic Republic and solidarity that we defend each day. It is a question of denouncing his misleading program that would hit hardest, the poorest, women, LGBTI or foreign people, " explain in a statement published on the website of the League of Human Rights .

The most notorious celebrity pregnancy rumor shutdowns

  The most notorious celebrity pregnancy rumor shutdowns Celebrities are subject to constant speculation; like what their next work will be, how old they are, and even where they're planning to go on holiday. This, of course, often results in gossip. And while some rumors are harmless, others can be more aggravating. A particular favorite when it comes to female celebrities is the rumor that they're pregnant. Following Justin and Hailey Bieber's red carpet appearance at the 2022 Grammy Awards, the 25-year-old model was subject to pregnancy rumors just because she wore a white flowing silk gown that wasn't form-fitting. The model responded to the speculation on Instagram by firmly shutting it down: "I'm not pregnant leave me alone," she wrote. Hopefully everyone learns to leave all women alone when it comes to speculation like that. But until then, check out this gallery to remember some of the best celebrity pregnancy rumor shutdowns.

Call for solidarity mobilization for the # 16AVril , as part of unit mobilizations against the far right.

- Union union solidarity (@unionsolidaires) April 13, 2022

Among the many signatories, the lawyers' union of France, the peasant confederation, the FAGE, FSE, MNL and UNF Student Organizations, the Solidarity Union, Oxfam NGOs, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, Attac Associations, Right to Housing and CPEC, or MRAP and SOS Racism Anti-Aracter Movements. In Paris, the procession will leave from the place of the nation at 2 pm towards the place of the Republic.

20 benefits of owning a pet bunny .
Dogs, cats, hamsters—these are the animals that likely come to mind when you think of great household pets. However, it’s time the bunny made its way onto that list, too. While they currently aren’t the most common cuddly creature to bring into the home, perhaps if more people knew the benefits of owning a bunny that would change.

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