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Food: "Does not just go to the honor": Does Saarbrücken uses the "remaining chance"?

The air fryer hack that turns hot cross buns into churros

  The air fryer hack that turns hot cross buns into churros Rewarding parents every step of the wayChef and Philips Kitchen ambassador, Elle Vernon has shaken up the usual Easter brunch this year and has created some exciting new takes on the classic Easter recipes.

The 1st FC Saarbrücken occurs on Easter Sunday (2 pm, live! At Kicker) the heavy gear on the Bayenberg. At the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, only a victory is one of the eleven by Uwe Koschinat.

Volles Engagement an der Seitenlinie: Uwe Koschinat will mit Saarbrücken im Derby den Auswärtscoup. © Imago Images / Jan Huebner Full commitment to the sideline: Uwe Koschinat wants with Saarbrücken im Derby the Away Coup.

FCS needs a threesome

in Kaiserslautern The FCS coach has not hoped for the climb yet. "We need a victory," Koschinat knows about the prerequisites, the "very big" yet. That's why the derby "is not a game like any other. We do not go to Kaiserslautern, just to play the honor. We have tabular goals," Koschinat emphasized on the press conference on Friday.

Johnny Ruffo to release memoir

  Johnny Ruffo to release memoir Former Home and Away's Johnny Ruffo is set to release a memoir called No Finish Line: The Johnny Ruffo Story. In it, he reveals how his cancer diagnosis ended up saving him.The performer who is battling brain cancer will go into the nitty gritty of his story.

FCK on the Bayenberg a power

with 51 points in a game Lesses are the currently six-placed Saarlander in Lauerstellung, Lautern goes with 60 counters and a very good starting position in the rest program - and together with Magdeburg best home team (11/4/1) Can a counterparty with a threesome probably deteriorate.

Through Defense Man Steven Zellner, who answered questions with his coach on the press conference, no idea: "We still have a residual chance on the first three places. That's why we want to win." In order to put this undertaking into action, you need a "good entry into the game," Koschinat said. "The atmosphere will be special, but there are eleven players in the square. We can not turn out. "

" you have little concedes and front of shit gold. "(Manuel Zeitz)

to the eleven starting style candidates, of course, Captain Manuel Zeitz, who had fueled the mood with bustling words during the week:" The games do not play super soccer and do nothing special. But they get little concedes and at the front make them from shit gold. "Surely just too likes to help the Midfielmann actively help to prevent this louder" quality "- whether the 32-year-old can involve at all, is questionable due to inguinal problems.

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