Food: because of enormous heat: RTL spontaneously changes the

Weather. The orange "heat wave" vigilance is maintained 12 departments

 Weather. The orange © Stéphane Cugnier The heat will always be present on most of the country. The day is hot in the south and time is again dry all over the country, but freshness is gaining ground. The "heat wave" orange vigilance is still topical for twelve departments, on the south-east quarter.

Cologne program-in Germany, people are preparing for temperatures on Tuesday that scratch the 40-degree mark in many places. Therefore, the broadcasters RTL and Sat.1 change their program at short notice in the evening.

Peter Kloeppel (63) wird durch des RTL-Hitze-Spezial führen. (Archivbild) © provided by TAG24 Peter Kloeppel (63) will lead through the RTL Hitze special. (Archive picture)

The spontaneous change announced the Cologne private broadcaster RTL in the morning on its Twitter account.

So there will be a 15-minute special ending from "RTL Aktuell" at 8:15 p.m. Anchorman Peter Kloeppel (63) will lead through the program and talk about the high temperatures, possible heat records and their consequences under other. In addition, the special episode deals with the extreme heat and the forest fires in southern Europe.

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in "Heat in Europe-Germany sweats" Kloeppel says according to TV feature film , among other things, with RTL weather expert Bernd Fuchs (50).

The broadcaster Sat.1 also plans a 20-minute special special in the evening. The "file" moderator Claudia von Brauchitsch will moderate the special program "Sat.1 Special. Heat wave in Germany". According to the "TV feature film", one focuses on the topics of water shortages or the treatment of heat victims in hospitals.

RTL terminates special broadcast on

The subsequent programs therefore shift by 15 or 20 minutes each.

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