Food: What is the biggest longing goal?

The incredible moment Jake Wightman's dad commentates on 1,500m gold

  The incredible moment Jake Wightman's dad commentates on 1,500m gold A video shared widely across social media showed dad Geoff in the commentary box calling the final straight of the race, with his son and Jakob Ingebrigtsen jostling for position. 'It's going to be close,' Geoff is heard in the clip, 'but Jake Wightman wins gold!'He then raises both arms in celebration as the person filming gives him a pat on the back as he becomes emotional.

New Zealand, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Namibia, Bali or Island? These destinations are available in our voting. Certain your favorite!

Hawaii ist für viele Urlauber ein Sehnsuchtsziel – für Sie auch? © Getty Images Hawaii is a longing goal for many vacationers - for you too?

There are travel destinations that are so breathtakingly beautiful that people from all over the world want to go there. Like our selection, you inspire with exceptional nature and spectacular experience. But often these places are longing goals - so far or so expensive that a journey is more of a distant dream than an early option. Which destination do we dream of? We asked the Travelbook community.

In our more than 200,000 followers, we checked out which place is an absolute longing goal. The following six locations were selected from the most mentioned answers: New Zealand, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Namibia, Bali and Iceland. But which of these longing goals is really the ultimate? Now they are in demand!

Curiosities you didn’t know about the Byzantine Empire

  Curiosities you didn’t know about the Byzantine Empire The Byzantine Empire (also known as Byzantium or the Eastern Roman Empire) was the eastern half of the Roman Empire that continued on after it collapsed. With its base at Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul), the empire existed from 330 CE to 1453 CE, during which its territories extended as far as Western Europe, Asia Minor, and North Africa. This prolific and successful empire developed its own political systems, religious practices, art, and architecture that have all left a mark to this day. Intrigued to discover more about the Byzantine Empire? Then check out the following gallery.

Note: The voting is open until August 15th.

What is the nominated longing targets?

in our list of nominated longing goals are five islands. Bali, Bora Bora and Hawaii can convince, despite their completely different situation, especially with their sun and dream beach guarantee. All three islands are classic "winter long-distance travel destinations"-if it is cold and wet in Germany, we dream far away in the Indian ocean, the Caribbean or in the Pacific. But Iceland and New Zealand, which score with less classic paradise feeling, are justified in the shortlist. Because both countries offer a unique nature: New Zealand with the impressive glaciers, green hills, subtropical forests and exciting volcanoes - Iceland with magnificent geysers, fjords and waterfalls.

and a country is also available: Namibia! Namibia delights with sights such as thousands of -old stone inscriptions, spectacular starry sky and of course the "Big Five". here we give an overview of why a trip to the state in the southwest of Africa is worthwhile.

Can Brain Fingerprinting Help Predict Future Mental Health Issues? .
Despite the best efforts of clinicians and researchers for decades, we still do not fully know why some people develop mental disorders and others do not. However, changes in the brain are very likely our best clues to future mental health outcomes. The adolescent brain is particularly important in this pursuit as changes during this period are rapid and dynamic, sculpting our individual uniqueness. Furthermore, most mental disorders emerge during adolescence, with more than half occurring by 14 years of age, and three quarters by age 25.

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