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Mum reveals her debilitating psychosis after the birth of her daughter

  Mum reveals her debilitating psychosis after the birth of her daughter Two weeks after giving birth to her first child, Linda Wese found herself sitting in a sunny spot at a breakfast table opposite a drugged-up psychiatric patient - wondering where it all went wrong. The 27-year-old primary school teacher from Canberra, who was known for her robust and sparkling personality, was a highly-sedated shell of her former self after being blindsided by postnatal depression.She watched as the man opposite her drooled into his bowl of cereal, eyes glazed over, whilst balancing cereal on the end of a spoon.

ex-national coach Joachim Löw congratulates Christian Streich on the election as "coach of the year" 2022.

Kennt Christian Streich schon lange: Ex-Bundestrainer Joachim Löw. © Imago/Sportfoto Rudel has known Christian Streich for a long time: Ex-national coach Joachim Löw.


"Christian Streich is unique, an absolute gain for all of us. He is a great coach with huge expertise and enormous experience and a wonderful person with great empathy. He loves football and does not take himself too important. That. That I am incredible to be chosen as the "coach of the year". But it is not a surprise. It is the perfect choice.

Christian Streich is a trainer who makes his players better who recognizes and exhausts their potential. And therefore with one Club like the SC Freiburg with its comparatively modest economic means can now keep up with the top teams. How can that work? Because Christian Streich has a clear identity, a way of playing, a direction. Place.

’80s Denim is Back with Levi’s Vintage-Inspired Red Tab Spring/Summer Collection

  ’80s Denim is Back with Levi’s Vintage-Inspired Red Tab Spring/Summer Collection When it comes to the staples of American denim, few names boast the lineage that Levi Strauss does. The fashion company revered for its 501 jeans and trucker jackets has carved out a niche as the world’s most recognisable denim label, and Levi’s Red Tab spring/summer collection proves the recognition isn’t lost on them. Entitled […]You’ll also like:

Christian Streich and the SC stand for creativity, pragmatism and cleverness. I have known it for a long time. He is one Football crazy, but he not only sees football as a game that lasts 90 minutes, but also as a positive force that can work in society. He has a fine feeling for what happens outside of the green lawn. And he has a strong opinion, an attitude, even if it is uncomfortable.

He is an honest, authentic type that I always like to meet, with whom I always like to excuse myself, which I particularly appreciate - as a coach and as a person. I congratulate Christian Streich on the election as "coach of the year"!

Devastated first-time dad recounts losing his newborn son after birth .
When a baby is stillborn or lost during pregnancy, in the flurry of activity that naturally centres around mother and child, another broken heart in the room can sometimes be overlooked. Fathers play such an important supporting role during pregnancy and labour but while the loss may not be physically happening to them, they feel it all too keenly and often don't voice their grief as easily. 'As a dad you're expected to continue that supporting role - this happened to mum, I need to take care of mum - rather than this happened to both of us,' says Benn Lockyer, whose son James died during labour in 2017.

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