Food: The Greatest McDonald's Menu Items of All Time

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If you’re a McDonald’s junkie, the mere mention of a Big Mac may be enough to have you speeding to the nearest drive-thru. Who can blame ya? The fast-food giant knows a thing or two about cooking up mouth-watering, on-the-go favourites that you can munch on anywhere from your desk to your car. The menu is vast and has changed considerably over the years.

One thing that hasn’t changed? The sheer infatuation with the restaurant’s greatest food and drink items of all time. We’re counting down some familiar favourites, like that piping hot apple pie your folks used to buy for you when you were a kid and the breakfast burrito you grabbed for yourself on your way to work in the morning. Let’s face it: Mickey D’s plays a pretty prominent role in different facets of your life. Which of these tops your list?

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