Food: With the "plucking handle" you give your hairstyle more volume

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"plug handle" in a second: With this hairstyle, your hair gets a volume booster

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once and plucking, the hair already has the hair a lot more volume . Sounds almost too beautiful to be true, right? But this hairstyle hack really works. We discovered the trick with make-up artist and hairstylist Emma Chen on Instagram and of course I don't want to withhold it from you.

The beauty expert not only releases her results on social media, but also a few videos that show you while style. Of course you can look at one or the other hand. In this case, it is the so-called "plucking handle", which is really simple and conjures up in seconds with regard to the volume . And for that you only need hairspray and some tact.

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& hairstyle with more volume: This hack gives your hair an upgrade

This hack is perfect to round off your hairstyle. The handle works best with an middle parting , but also goes with a side parting. To do this, simply take your thumb and index finger to pinch both sides of the hair close to the base. As a result, the mane comes into a curtain begang form at the front and is nicely curved, simply looks alive. That alone has a major effect on the entire appearance and optically leads to more volume. Then only fix with hairspray and you're done. Incidentally, the "plucking handle" is perfect for waves.


In a post, Emma Chen goes into more detail and explains what is counterproductive in styling and how you really give your hair more abundance. "Using too many products can sometimes be as bad as not using a product at all," she writes under one of her videos. "The hair becomes heavier, limp and revised. The key to more volume and texture without relying on products is the creation of different shapes in the hair. This prevents the hair from collapsing and creating dimension." And the "plucking handle" is perfect for that.

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