Food: You should therefore not spend the weekend on the couch

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A study shows something surprising: Movement is more important at the weekend than during the week

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The temptation is enormous: after a hard week, just one Laying on the couch for the weekend sounds tempting and is really wonderful. However, they do not do their body a favor.

If you bring the two days off as a sofa potato, you will harm your body more than throughout the week, which is often spent at the desk without much movement. This has now shown a study.

Already 20 minutes make a difference

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scientists from the University of South Carolina found that a decisive difference was made on Saturday and Sunday for 20 minutes. But many cannot raise the motivation. (Here we tell you, as you defeat the inner bastard .)

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This briefly leads to a weight loss of more than one kilo and the reduction of 1.6 percent body fat in one year. What does not sound a lot makes a significant difference in terms of heart health. The exciting thing is that the same effect does not occur according to the study if you provide 20-minute activities during the week.

The researchers justify this with the fact that many people eat less or healthier food during the week. The lack of movement is thus compensated for by the cheaper nutrition. On the weekend, however, many people treat themselves to one or the other "sin". If there is also a lack of movement, pounds are quickly stuck.

It does not necessarily have to be sport

20 minutes are just a tiny fraction of the weekend, which everyone should apply to their health and figure. If you are a real sports muffle, be comforted: the 20 minutes can also consist of housework or a nice walk.

For the study, the scientists examined 332 people aged 20 to 35 for their eating behavior as well as their activities during the week and on weekends. In addition, the weight of the test subjects was recorded every three months.

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