Food: delicious pumpkin schnitzel without frying: You also have to cook this recipe

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The pumpkin season slowly picks up speed. Most of the pumpkin lovers have already cooked their favorite dishes with the popular autumn vegetables once or twice and are now looking for other recipes that they can try before the pumpkin season ends again. A particularly delicious one, because it is pumpkin in a very unfamiliar form, are these delicious pumpkin schnitzel. And best of all: they only consist of a few, few ingredients.

  Leckere Kürbis-Schnitzel ohne frittieren: DIESES Rezept müssen sie auch einmal kochen © provided by Berliner Kurier

You need 200 grams of pumpkin fruit meat, 280 grams of chickpea flour, breadcrumbs, 1 clove of garlic, some branches of rosemary, paprika powder, salt, water and some olive oil to fry.

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like this: First you peel the pumpkin and core it. For this recipe you need 200 grams of the pulp, the rest you can use for another dish.

Cut the fruit meat into cubes, quarter the clove of garlic and put both in a small saucepan with a little oil. Both are fried for a few minutes and then extinguished with a little water. The pumpkin cubes should be covered with water up to half and now boil on a small flame and with a cover closed until the pumpkin can be crushed with the fork.

for the last few minutes they also put a few rosemary needles in the pot. Then take the pot from the stove, season the pumpkin with salt and paricapules and crush everything.

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The pumpkin mass now has to let you cool down and then mix with the chickpea flour to a dough.

Now heat some olive oil in a coated pan and provide breadcrumbs on a plate.

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Then shape flat schnitzel with your hands, turn them in the pan and fry them in the pan . The pumpkin schnitzel takes about two minutes from each side.

can be served the pumpkin schnitzel with herb curd or an yogurt dip .

Bon appetite!

onion and cream chicken from Grandma's recipe book-the ultimate gourmet hammer from the oven! .
© provided by Berliner Kurier Many have already loved this dish as a child. Juicy meat, onions, mushrooms and herbs in a delicious creamy sauce. You could soak with the bread! cream schnitzel are a well-known and popular classic! We rummaged in Grandma's recipe book and found this variant. We noticed when it comes to test cooking: This is really the ultimate gourmet hammer from the oven. It couldn't be more delicious. Her whole family will love her for it.

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