Food: France: The media giant Bertelsmann-RTL renounces giving in M6

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Le siège de la chaîne de télévision privée française M6, à Neuilly-sur-Seine, près de Paris (2017). © AFP-Martin Bureau The headquarters of the French private television channel M6, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris (2017).

for the second time in a month, the German media giant Bertelsmann has given up giving in control of the French television channel M6. Its leader Thomas Rabe justified this decision this Monday, October 3, by "legal risks and uncertainties" linked to the authorization of the sale on the part of the regulatory and competition authorities.

In its retreating strategy on the national markets, the Bertelsmann group had been looking for, for almost two years, a buyer for its participation of 48.3% in the first M6 group, editor of M6, W9, 6ter television channels , Gulli, Paris Première, as well as RTL RTL and Fun Radio channels, via the RTL group - in total, the second private television and radio group in terms of audience in France.

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Bertelsmann had first favored the hypothesis of an alliance with Bouygues, owner in particular of the TF1 channel, the idea being supported for months to build a French television giant able to oppose the streaming platforms Like Netflix, Disney or Amazon. But mid-September, faced with the reluctance of the French Competition Authority, the two groups had abandoned .

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last Thursday, three buyers submitted offers: the French producer Stéphane Courbit (Banijay), the French billionaire Xavier Niel, partner in this case Family Berlusconi in Italy, and finally the Czech Daniel Kretinsky, already owner of the CMI France press group (Elle, Marianne), and also a shareholder of the daily Le Monde and TF1. But, constrained by French regulations, the German giant has chosen prudence.

Bertelsmann should therefore retain his participation for the next five years. "RTL Group remains convinced that market consolidation is necessary to compete with global technological platforms - and that market consolidation will occur in the European television markets sooner or later," said the German giant. The dissemination authorization on TNT must be renewed in May 2023 by the audiovisual regulator.

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