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Food: The "phantom rectum syndrome" really exists -although nothing is there

What's the deal with ovarian cysts? Breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly

  What's the deal with ovarian cysts? Breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly Ovarian cysts are typically harmless but for some women they can cause painful symptoms, threaten fertility and in rare cases become cancerous. Reporter Rebecca Opie speaks with gynaecologist Sally Reid to break down the different types of cysts, the symptoms to look out for, and when to seek medical attention.According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, up to 10 per cent of women will have surgery during their lifetime due to an ovarian mass.

London -of phantom pain and sensations in amputated limbs, everyone has probably heard before. The patients feel something, although there is actually nothing left. But this extraordinary syndrome can occur not only on the arms and legs, but even with internal organs such as the large intestine!

Das © 123RF/Andreypopov The "Phantom Rectum Syndrome" occurs more often than one would assume. 123rf/Andreypopov

phantom sensations and phantom pain are much more common than one would think. After amputations of arms or legs, they appear in almost every patient. It feels as if the limbs are still there for those affected - sometimes they seem to hurt.

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Even in people who have to be removed from parts of the large intestine - i.e. the rectum - such sensations occur, for example, after an operation required by colon cancer.

"People who have lost a member still have pain or itching or they feel that their limb is still there," said BBC presenter Sam Cleasby, who had to endure a colectomy in 2013, opposite the BBC .

"So that's the same, but in your rectum. It is as if your brain does not know that it is no longer connected." A colectomy is the surgical removal of the colon, i.e. the colon, without removal of the rectum.

The "Phantom Rectum Syndrome" does not occur as regularly as classic phantom sensations, but still quite frequently, namely 32 to 68 percent of the patients.

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The "Phantom Rectum Syndrome"

is so uncomfortable. Half of those affected feel pain, while other supposed stool urge, tingling or itching feel.

"I definitely get 'phantom rectum symptoms'", wrote Cleasby on her website . "I really think my brain tells my body that he should do something that he cannot do."

It stated: "For example after a morning cup of coffee, if you feel this urge ', I still get it, but there is nothing down there. I can only let off my stoma. I have no rectum or anus, But I get a real physical feeling that I have to make bowel movements through my butt. "

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