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Food: Half of the democracies around the world are in decline, according to a new

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Selon le rapport, les Etats-Unis font face à des problèmes de polarisation politique, de dysfonctionnements institutionnels et de menaces sur les libertés civiles. Illustration. Reuters / KEVIN LAMARQUE   REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque © Kevin Lamarque report according to the report, the United States faces problems of political polarization, institutional dysfunctions and threats to civil freedoms. Drawing. Reuters / Kevin Lamarque Reuters / Kevin Lamarque The half of the democratic countries are experiencing an erosion of their political system, intensified by the War in Ukraine and the economic crisis , according to a report published this Wednesday the Think-Tank Idea International, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. "We now see factors extremely unfavorable to democracy, which are intensified by the benefits of the economic crisis initiated with Pandemic and the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine ," Kevin Casas- Zamora, secretary general of the organization based in Sweden. According to him, this decline can result for example by a questioning of the credibility of elections, by damage to the rule of law or by obstacles to civic space. The case of the United States concerning democracies whose democratic erosion is the most serious, which the relationship categorizes as a country "in decline" and which include the United States since last year, as well as Brazil, Hungary, Poland, India and Mauritius, went from six to seven in 2022 with the addition of Salvador. For Kevin Casas-Zamora, the United States is particularly worrying. According to the report, The country faces problems of political polarization, institutional dysfunctions and threats to civil freedoms. "It is now clear that this fever has not come down to the election of a new government," said Casas-Zamora. According to him, this is reflected in particular by uncontrollable levels of polarization and attempts to "compromise the credibility of the electoral results without any evidence of fraud". He believes that the United States has also taken a "visible step" in matters of sexual and reproductive rights, "which is very exceptional because most countries, (...), progress in terms of enlargement of sexual and reproductive rights ”. 27 countries have turned to authoritarianism out of the 173 countries covered by the report, 52 of the democracies deducted were in decline. On the other hand, 27 countries have turned to authoritarianism, more than double those who have turned to democracy. Almost half of the authoritarian regimes also intensified their repression in 2022, Afghanistan, Bélarus, Cambodia, Comoros and Nicaragua having experienced a "general decline". In Asia, where only 54% of the population lives in a democracy, authoritarianism is strengthened, while the African continent remains "solid" in the face of instability, despite the large number of challenges it should face. Ten years after the Arab Spring , the Middle East continues to be "the most authoritarian region in the world" and has only three democracies: Iraq, Israel and Lebanon. In Europe, almost half of the continent's democracies, or 17 countries, have suffered from democratic erosion over the past five years. "Democracies are struggling to effectively balance environments marked by instability, anxiety. Populism continues to gain ground in the world while innovation and growth stagnate or decline, "said the report. "Some gleams of hope" also notes "disturbing trends", even in countries with average or high levels of democratic standards. In the past five years, progress has stagnated in all clues of think tank studies, some returning to the same level as in the 1990s, according to the report. "Democratic systems have really plumped in the past two decades and this has become a burning question in our time," explains Mr. Casas-Zamora. However, there are also signs of progress: the report indicates as well as populations gather to push their government to respond to the demands of the 21st century, from reproductive rights to Latin America to youth protests for the climate all around of the globe. "But also in countries like Iran where people went out in the street to ask for freedom, equality and dignity," adds Mr. Casas-Zamoras. "There are a few glimmer of hope, but the general trend remains dark."

NYC urges residents to MASK-UP again .
New York City officials are once again advising residents to mask up to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses like Covid - but even the flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).Dr Ashwin Vasan, the commissioner of NYC Health, issued an advisory today urging the use of face coverings in indoor public places. It is not a mandate and will not be enforced by city officials - but some private businesses may demand customers do.

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