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Food: Children's Clinic of the Magdeburg Clinic reaches Limit: "Condition unsustainable"

The way to the next specialist clinic is not far

 The way to the next specialist clinic is not far © Frank Röth planned operation: patients can choose a clinic. The sentence "You have to be operated on" booms in your ears. An intervention? That never sounds good. That sounds like anesthesia, risk and pain. After: Better than at some point. That does not sound like that there is still time to research in detail whether the clinic in which you are currently located is really the one in which you want to have the operation done. It sounds more like: "Let's get it behind." Such research could be

Magdeburg- In the field of child and adolescent medicine of the Clinic Magdeburg , Corona, an early flu wave and more and more cases of RS viruses at the capacity limit.

Das Klinikum Magdeburg kommt besonders auf den Kinderstationen an die Grenzen. Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa © Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/DPA central picture/dpa The Magdeburg Clinic is particularly limited to the limits at the children's stations. Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/DPA central picture/dpa

"We can still take up children, but we also have to go from other clinics in the surrounding area because they overrun," said chief physician Matthias Heiduk on Wednesday, according to a message from the clinic .

"It becomes a daily risk where beds are still free in the area." This condition is permanently unsustainable, he said.

Brothers born with rare, life-threatening condition: 'There is no cure'

  Brothers born with rare, life-threatening condition: 'There is no cure' First time parents Jill and Zach Maitland didn't know much about babies, but they knew enough to know that when their five-day-old son Billy began throwing up bile, something was seriously wrong. "We live near Kempsey on the NSW mid-north coast," Jill, 33, tells 9Honey. "We went to three different hospitals and nobody could give us an answer. Nobody could tell us what was wrong." Their son's health problems continued. He was unable to have a bowel movement without the use of laxatives and suppositories prescribed by their paediatrician and continued that way for three years until his brother Danny was born.

Currently there are inquiries for recordings from Hanover or Braunschweig because of the tense infection situation, for example, to outsource the clinic in parallel.

had to be pushed on the ward, otherwise the inpatient care of sick infants and toddlers would be at risk. The outpatient pediatricians also have their capacity limit. According to

Heiduk, one reason for the intensification of the supply situation is also that some children's and youth clinics have been closed in recent years.

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Heiduk: Magdeburg Clinic needs new structures

It is questionable that there are now bottlenecks on many children's intensity stations, according to the doctor. Long transport routes are also stressful for small patients. According to Heiduk,

Health 'not set up' for long-COVID in kids

  Health 'not set up' for long-COVID in kids The NSW health system is not well organised to manage long-COVID cases among children, a federal parliamentary inquiry has been told.A parliamentary inquiry examining long-COVID has been told the lack of a definition for the illness is impacting treatment of young people.

also have to be resolved in the medical care of children and adolescents, such as the case flat -rate system, which prescribes limited funds for patient care.

New structures are needed in several areas.

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