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Food: is there enough blood donation in the Bautzen district?

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Due to Corona pandemic, there have recently been fewer blood donations, at the same time more and more people are dependent on it. What about the Bautzen district?

Die Menschen im Landkreis Bautzen werden immer älter, die Kliniken brauchen daher immer mehr Blutkonserven. © Symbolfoto: Claudia Hübschmann © Symbolfoto: Claudia Hübschmann People in the Bautzen district are getting older, so the clinics need more and more blood. © Symbolfoto: Claudia Hübschmann

Bautzen. Anyone who depends on a blood donation in the Bautzen district usually gets them. "We can still issue canned goods without any restrictions," says the spokesman for the Lausitzer Seenland Clinic in Hoyerswerda, Gernot Schweitzer. The Oberlausitz clinics in Bautzen and Bischofswerda can currently operate all inquiries, says Managing Director Reiner E. Rogowski.

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Last year around 3,700 blood and plasma concentrate were administered in both hospitals. In Hoyerswerda there are up to 1,700 a year. The supply of blood is difficult in the St. Johannes hospital in Kamenz, but can be guaranteed, says press spokeswoman Stephanie Hänsch. The hospital uses around 800 canned blood a year.

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blood transfusions, especially during operations. Cancer patients and people with heart, stomach or intestinal diseases are often dependent on foreign blood, according to the German Red Cross (DRK). Blood sometimes has to be transfused even in the event of accidents. But blood cannot be made artificially, so those affected are dependent on being donated.

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is the most sought-after blood group at the same time the scarce

The DRK blood donation service North-East takes around 9,000 blood donations in the Bautzen district annually, says press spokeswoman Kerstin Schweiger. Despite pandeme -related restrictions, the number has remained the same in recent years. Overall, the blood donation service North-East, which organized blood donations throughout Saxony, had removed less blood in pandemic. Many appointments and donors have failed due to contact restrictions and infections, says Schweiger.

"There were much fewer donors due to the pandemic and therefore also much less available," says Gernot Schweitzer. Like the other hospitals in the district, the clinic in Hoyerswerda receives its blood cannon directly from the DRK blood donation service. In order to use the donated blood sparingly, patients with too little blood are always treated with medication before foreign blood is used, says Stephanie Hänsch from the hospital in Kamenz.

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Blood is not the same as blood. "In patients with previous transfusions or rare blood groups, it can be very difficult to find a suitable cannibalven," says Reiner E. Rogowski. A well-filled blood depot also helps to a limited extent. "Unfortunately, the most versatile can be negative, blood group 0 Rhesus, even the scarce."

more older people, more need for blood donation

The need for blood transfusions increases, says Hänsch. The reason is the demographic change. There are more and more older people who are increasingly needing foreign blood. "Demographic change is an enormous challenge," says Rogowski. Many donors are also older. They will be eliminated in the next few years and may need foreign blood themselves. Now it is about mobilizing more people for the donation, says the managing director of the Oberlausitz clinics.

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In order to cover nationwide needs, 15,000 blood donations are needed in Germany, says Britta Diebel, spokeswoman for the largest private blood donation service Haema. The company operates twelve blood donation centers in Saxony, can also be donated in Bautzen, Bischofswerda and Kamenz. The DRK blood donation service North-East offers blood donation appointments across the Bautzen district. You cannot donate in the four clinics in the circle.

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Info and possibilities for donating blood at and

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