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Food: The Real Junk Food Project: Turning Waste into Lasagna

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Expiration date exceeded, grown too crooked or you bought way too much. One third of all Food end up in the trash can. A waste that British chef Adam Smith refuses to accept. He founds his own café-restaurant the „The Real Junk Food Project. and conjures up the most amazing dishes from the supposed waste.

Into the cooking pot with the garbage

Adam traveled around the world as a chef to learn and gain experience at various high-class restaurants. But one thing is the same everywhere: a lot of edible food ends up in the garbage can, and Adam couldn’t and wouldn’t just accept that. Back in Great Britain he set an example against waste and opened „The Real Junk Food Project“. Junk food stands for low-quality food, often referring to fast food and convenience food. But actually, the German translation for „to junk“ is simply to throw away. Adam doesn’t use inferior products, but discarded ones that are still edible is.

Less fat in ready -made food and better meals in schools and daycare centers

 Less fat in ready -made food and better meals in schools and daycare centers Less fat, sugar and salt in processed foods and healthy food in canteens and canteen: Minister of nutrition Cem Özdemir (Greens) has presented the cornerstones of the nationwide nutrition strategy. "We live in a society in which many no longer cook at home," said Özdemir after the cabinet decision on Wednesday. Therefore, institutions such as school, daycare and businesses should be used "as a lever" for healthy eating.

Ingredients free house

He gets the ingredients for his restaurant from many different sources. Private households can give leftover food, supermarkets and other restaurants donate their surplus produce, and even food photographers give their models after their work is done. Work off. In this way, the menu in the restaurant also changes every day. If a carrot delivery was not nice enough for the supermarket, there is carrot soup. But the very next day, perhaps no one has carrots left and the soup is removed from the menu.

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Together against waste

However, „The Real Junk Food Project“ does not only fight against food waste. The whole restaurant stands for a common, social togetherness. Customers are allowed to pay as much for their dish as payas they like, there are no fixed prices. No one should be excluded because of financial means. Those who earn a little more can give a good tip and support the project. Those who don’t have so much on their pockets can wash dishes or help with the chopping to make their contribution. All people should have the opportunity to meet at this place, spend time together and of course eat. Since opening in 2013, the project has already saved 50 tons of food from the Garbage can saved and have filled hungry bellies. And not a single one got sick from the food!

Image sources:daniellehelm via CC BY 2.0

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