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Food: The Best Nugget Ice Maker to Get ‘Sonic Ice’ at Home Is on Sale for Black Friday

Medical device makers drop products as EU law sows chaos

  Medical device makers drop products as EU law sows chaos By Maggie Fick LONDON (Reuters) - Nicola Osypka's German company has been selling medical devices used in surgery on newborn babies in Europe for decades, but new European Union rules have forced her to make tough decisions. Under the regulations designed to prevent another health scandal, such as the one in 2010 involving ruptured breast implants made by Poly Implant Prothese, companies must apply for new certificates for their medical equipment. But Osypka says the small firm founded in 1977 by her father Peter cannot afford the process and it has withdrawn five lines of devices sold in the EU, some for more than 30 years.

Do you ever feel like drinks taste better based on the shape of the ice? Much like cutting a peanut butter sandwich diagonally, there is no scientific proof that it improves the taste, but it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that ice machines are becoming increasingly more popular. On the top of the ice maker list is the GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker, rated Popular Mechanics' Best Overall Nugget Ice Maker.

Having an ice maker conveniently located on your countertop makes refreshing your beverages or filling up your water bottle quicker and easier than ever before. If you're one of the ice aficionados out there who are obsessed with Sonic “nugget” ice (or Raising Cane’s, or Jack in the Box, or Hardee’s), you’ll enjoy how convenient it is to have crunchy ice nuggets at home — especially if you’re an ice chewer (don’t worry, we won’t tell your dentist).

17 Wireless and Sweat-proof Headphones That Will Survive Any Workout

  17 Wireless and Sweat-proof Headphones That Will Survive Any Workout Grab a bargain on any of these headphones and you'll never struggle through a workout againAnd while we can't offer you a fully-stocked, private and personal gym that goes wherever you go, there is one aspect of his workout environment that you can emulate at home. No, we're not talking about his ripped vests that expose his formidable physique, but instead his wireless, sweat-proof headphones.

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What may soon become your favorite household appliance, the GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker can hold up to three pounds of ice at one time so you can enjoy a crisp glass of cold water or a refreshing iced coffee whenever the mood strikes. The clear chamber on the front of the ice maker will show you when it's time to replenish so you don't find yourself ice-less.

If you're entertaining for the holidays, this GE Ice Maker is a must-have. Making up to 24 pounds of ice in a day, you can finally serve drinks in the kitchen or bar without running out of ice every couple of hours. No more constantly refilling ice trays or trekking out to the garage to get bags of ice out of the cooler.

Chapel Down fizz 'cheaper than champagne and just as good'

  Chapel Down fizz 'cheaper than champagne and just as good' When Britons pop bottles of bubbly this Christmas, Andrew Carter believes there is a higher chance than ever that their fizz will be home-grown. The English wine industry, the chief executive of Chapel Down says, has reached its tipping point. After years of establishing its reputation, winning awards and tempting international buyers to sample South East fizz, it is now ramping up on an industrial scale.

The GE Ice Maker's filtration system will keep your ice fresh meaning it won’t absorb all the food smells from your fridge the way in-door ice makers can be known to do. And unlike your refrigerator ice maker, no water hookup is required. Just place it anywhere on your counter and fill the reservoir with water. You’ll have ice in as quickly as 20 minutes.

With Amazon's current deal, the GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is 26% off, which translates to a pretty sizable $140 discount. And thanks to Prime shipping, you can still have this brand-new ice maker on your countertop before the family arrives for Thanksgiving.

Black hair and black bodies in gaming .
For decades, the video game industry has been plagued with non-existent or poor representation for black people, especially when it comes to our hair.During the Rendering Black Hair panel at Game Devs of Color Expo 2022, both the panelists and the audience shared stories of ignorance and discrimination they’ve experienced at the hands of non-black, especially white, developers.

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