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Gianni Falco Viky Burgundy © Copyright Gianni Falco Viky Burgundy

Gianni Falco releases a new booth aimed at lady riders with a classic sense of style.

This isn’t your typical men’s or unisex boot available in a wide range of sizes, this is a boot that’s been developed to fit women specifically, both in morphology and in terms of style.

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Gianni Falco is a brand based in Italy, and it specializes in motorcycle-specific boots. For the spring of 2022, the brand released a new boot aimed at women called the Viky. Full-grain cow leather was used in the construction of this pair, but underneath the vintage style are some very modern protective elements. This pair will suit cruisers, customs, and other retro-inspired motorcycles nicely. Either that or wear it casually off the bike as it can fly under the radar given its classic styling.

The Viky is available in four colors, namely Burgundy, Noir, Marron, and Marron Caramel. With styling that is similar to Doc Marten’s boots, it can blend seamlessly with your outfits whether on or off the bike.

Falco shaped the boots to the female morphology, incorporating enclosure elements that help secure the pair accordingly. Falco uses laces paired with a double closure system that incorporates laces and a zipper on the side for easy access.

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The leather is treated with a hydrophobic coating, and the boot is further protected from rain thanks to a waterproof membrane called High-Tex that's a similar material used in the brand's Durant adventure boots. On the protection front, the Viky comes equipped with modern D3O inserts which bring the boot’s safety rating in compliance with PPE certification EN-13634. The sole is also dual-compound rubber, and it also features a reinforced heel and toe.

You can get the Falco Viky for €189.90 EUR, or around the ballpark of $205 USD. Considering that you’ll be getting a women’s boot and not a downsized unisex option, its worth considering since women’s feet tend to have different morphology to that of men’s. Make sure to pair this pair of boots with classic gear, classic bikes, or whatever floats your boat. Sizes range between a European 36 to a European 41, or a women’s US size 6 all the way to a size 11.

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Source: Gianni Falco, Le Repaire Des Motards

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