Health: Maderotherapy-How much does anti-cellulite treatment really bring?

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What to do when thighs and buttocks spread? A treatment method with woodwalk promises to remedy the so -called maderotherapy. What exactly is done and why it is not suitable for everyone - Stylbook spoke to experts about it.

Maderotherapie © Getty Images Maderotherapy

80 to 90 percent of women have cellulite. The so -called orange skin usually occurs on thighs, stomach and buttocks. From a medical point of view, the dents are harmless, but some of those affected are bothered by it for aesthetic reasons. What should be able to help: a treatment method from Colombia, called Maderotherapy.

Maderotherapy: Massage with wooden twalk

"Madero" means something like wood or wooden plank. With this massage, as the word implies, you work with various wooden instruments. They are very different from the shape and weight. Depending on which instrument you use, you can penetrate different deep into the tissue.

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expiry of a classic Maderotherapy

Stylbook asked Perfectbody Akademie Austria, where maderotherapy is offered. According to this, a session for legs, stomach and buttocks takes around 45 minutes depending on the provider and body scope and costs around 70 euros.

Before treatment, the skin is rubbed with oil. This can be a neutral oil or, depending on your preference, a special detox or massage oil. And then? "You massage with the wooden instruments wherever the cellulite and fat pads are or staunch water in the body," explains owner Eva Razgoršek. “However, I recommend massaging the whole body, including the arms and face. This brings all the lymph flow into the progress. ”

is the ideal of two to three treatments per week. There should be a day break between the treatments so that the body can detoxify and regenerate in peace.

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treatment should be intense, but not hurt

"Maderotherapy should never be painful and leave bruises," emphasizes the beautician. "Because if you have pain, and then the lymph cannot flow properly." The treatment should be intense, but still pleasant. It is therefore important to find the individual pain threshold together with the masseur that can vary from day to day.

How effective is maderotherapy really?

The Munich dermatologist Dr. med. Timm Golüke advises not to screw expectations too high. The actual effect is comparable to that of end mology, i.e. a lipomassage: "The metabolism is stimulated and the blood circulation is promoted," said the expert. "As a result, the cellulite can appear less prominent." But it will not completely disappear through handicrafts.

Beauty specialist Razgoršek explains it similarly. Maderotherapy can help make the skin look smooth, tighter and healthier by flooding slags and toxins - but therefore no miracles. Rather, the treatment is a component of many in the fight against Cellulite. Furthermore, regular movement, healthy nutrition and sufficient fluid intake were included.

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Before the self -application, please note

"A professional masseur usually achieves a better result," admits Eva Razgoršek. And yet the occasional self -application could be a good addition. Important: "Even if you can't do much wrong, you should understand how to work on the tissue, the lymph and blood circulation with the woodwolds," the expert warns. A common mistake is to roll too tightly along the muscles and bones. Because this way bruises can create.

If you want to try out Maderotherapy yourself, you should find out beforehand how to use the wood instruments correctly. Some studios offer courses or tutorials and also deliver the right wood set.

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Maderotherapy not suitable for every

Maderotherapy should only be carried out in healthy people. Anyone who has problems with the heart or kidneys or suffers from cancer should do without it according to Razgoršek. Furthermore, due to their detoxifying effects, pregnant and breastfeeding women should be advised against maderotherapy. Women with diabetes, severe circulatory disorders or varicose veins should speak to their doctor beforehand.

Sources with professional advice from Eva Razgoršek, Perfectbody Akademie Austria and Dr. med. Timm Golüke , specialist for dermatology from Munich

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