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Style: shirt: rather long sleeves or short sleeves?

These incredible places look like they're from a different planet

  These incredible places look like they're from a different planet From pink lakes and green beaches to rockscapes that might be better placed on Mars, the Earth is full of surprises. Here, we've scoured the globe to find the natural wonders that could be from another planet.

While the good weather finally greet us, a Fashion dilemma offers us. Should we keep our winter shirts or adopt shirts? The choice is not easy.

The modes vary constantly, it is not a surprise. But within a family of clothes, there are more trendy models than others. This is the case for John skirts, for example. Should we choose a mini skirt or a maxi-skirt ? And for moccasins: acorns or pastes? It may seem derisory for some, but for us other addicted to style, all of an importance. And while the spring is back and that the sun tickles the epidermis again, we would like to see if the short-sleeved shirts are allowed by the great instances of fashion. We hear a lot of people saying, "The shirts, it's no way! " But should it really be so categorical? We take stock.

The diseases and disorders of history’s most infamous despots

  The diseases and disorders of history’s most infamous despots One could argue it takes a great unhappiness to inflict so much unhappiness on others, and when you learn about the illnesses that plagued some of history’s most notorious despots, it seems rather logical! Ranging from the curable to the fatal, many modern scholars argue that these infamous leaders’ afflictions could very well have played a role in creating their reputations by making them even more irritable and cruel. Though, it should be said, no illness excuses villainy—it just provides more context. Intrigued? Click through to find out more.

The long-sleeved shirt: the absolute

icon that does not have a classic shirt in its wardrobe? It's basic among the basics! It accommodates all styles: from the most BCBG to the most Destroy, not even passing a Street silhouette ... All, it is to know it take it into the universe that we want. But nothing complicated on the horizon. You can be sure that the shirt, whether white, orange or even printed, will be eternally connected. We love is choosing our oversize section. Really oversize! We opt for a model at least two sizes above to ensure a pointed dress. How to wear it? We come back to a Palazzo trousers or in a skirt. It is also possible to button only a button to reveal our belly or part of our neckline. Absolute must? Choose it so big, we make a dress. We are inspired by the outfits signed Agnès B., Alexander McQueen or Victoria Beckham.

Fashion Trend: 12 Handbags by Mango, the appearance like the designer

 Fashion Trend: 12 Handbags by Mango, the appearance like the designer fashion designer Valentino Garavani should have once said: "An handbag can either give an outfit the last cut - or bust it." © Imaxtree Fashion Trend: Handbags by mango that could be of the designer Imaxtree added, a pretty drastic statement. And yet the handbag is a crucial accessory when it comes to styling the Final Fashion Griff . So fits too big and powerful bag as fashion trend rather less to elegant evening outfits.

Victoria Beckham PO S22 024 © Provided by Elle Victoria Beckham Po S22 024

© IMAXTREELA Short sleeve shirt: A risky bet

is tackling a somewhat controversial room ... Is it really any bitch to wear a short-sleeved shirt? We say that after all, when it's hot, nothing is worth a shirt to let us breathe the underside of arms (glamor, always ...). Except that nothing is simple in fashion! And the chemisette is part of these rooms derived. Too often associated with a Dutch Kitsch tourist, the shirt has experienced ups and downs. But beware, that the aficionados are reassured: the short-sleeved shirt knows a real revival of glory. What is appreciated? Precisely the offbeat and obsolete side. Bella Hadid , in the lead cheese, likes to divert ringed pieces to give them to the top. We can match with an 80's jacket or Jogging Old-School to create a real originality. For those who are not convinced, you can also dispose of a balloon sleeve shirt. Attention, nevertheless, to the aesthetics too "a wise little girl". To tame the chemisette, we carefully looks at the Spring-Summer 2022 collections of Elisabetta Franchi, MSGM or Max Mara.

Franchi PO S22 002 © supplied by it franchi po s22 002

© imaxtree

Phoebe Burgess carries two designer bags worth a whopping $5600 .
Phoebe Burgess love for designer clothes and accessories knows no bounds. The former-WAG-turned-social media influencer once again proved she has very expensive taste when she stepped out in Double Bay, Sydney, to run errands on Wednesday.The mother-of-two toted not one, but two designer handbags, including a $3100 blue Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie and a $2470 Prada Raffia Tote.

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