Style: ‘Good cuts, bold designs': Artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran's go-to label

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Each week, we quiz a prominent person about their style and the inspiration behind it. Ahead, artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran.

How would you describe your style? Like my work - bold, expressive and imaginative. I'm interested in prints, textures and bright colours. I like statement looks with a bit of fun and cheekiness. I'm not interested in looking austere or well put-together. I love the idea that we can use fashion to assert ourselves.

What's the oldest thing in your wardrobe? A sherwani - a traditional outfit I wear to Tamil weddings - that I've had since I was 25. In south Asian fashion there isn't a gender distinction when it comes to colour; the vernacular is highly polychromatic. There's beading, embellishment, gold; it's about occasion and celebration.

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And the most recent addition? A hot-pink Jacquemus jacket and jeans. Pink's always been my favourite colour.

What would you wear …… on a first date? I think it's important to be yourself. I'd wear a brightly coloured, oversized, short-sleeve shirt, Jeremy Scott trackies, big sneakers, a chunky necklace and my hair out.… on a plane? I hate flying, so I want to be as comfortable as possible - trackies, cotton tee, hoodie, Crocs.… on the red carpet? I've been stalking Discount Universe's embroidered denim; maybe some kind of denim set like Justin Timberlake wore with Britney Spears in 2001.

What's your favourite fashion era? The '90s. I like the bagginess, the prints, the playful accessories and the R&B street style.

Do you have a favourite designer? My staple is Acne: good cuts, bold designs, statement pieces.

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What's your fragrance of choice? My everyday perfume is Le Labo "Oud 27", and for occasions I like Frederic Malle "Musc Ravageur".

What are three essential items in your wardrobe? Day to day I'm in a studio in an industrial location. There's noise, dirt and dust, so it's Crocs and a Uniqlo puffer jacket. The third would be Jeremy Scott x Adidas track pants; they're so versatile. I like the vibe of wearing them with a dress shirt and sneakers.

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Any go-to jewellery pieces? A chunky silver chain, a septum piercing and silver hoop earrings. The other thing I like to wear is a black shell necklace by Indigenous Tasmanian artist Jeanette James.

Can you remember a favourite outfit from when you were a child? I didn't have any autonomy over how I dressed but I loved colourful stuff.

And your worst fashion mistake? It's when I try to layer. I'll be wearing a big shirt, trackies and sneakers - things that go together - but then I feel like I'm going to get creative and add a fitted jacket which just doesn't work with a baggy shirt.

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What was your first fashion moment? When I was younger, I always wanted long hair. I was never allowed to grow my hair, so once I had my big curly locks everything else fell into place in terms of my style. I was 25 when I reached my perfect hair stage.

What's on your wish list? A Versace denim coat. Also, Gucci "Rhyton" sneakers with tongue print.

Is there anything you would never wear? Overalls.

Is there a current fashion trend you like? I like the boldness that's coming back, the colours. Also, when observing women's fashion, I'll often wish they made that cut or colour or sneaker in the men's range. Recently they've started to do that - the men's stuff is becoming as exciting and bold.

What shoes do you wear most often? Balenciaga or Nike Air Max sneakers. And Crocs - I have blue and pink and some I've pimped out with widgets.

Do you have a favourite fashion icon? Not really. I love the fashion of African-American performers, and the way Rihanna dresses.

What's your favourite off-duty, casual Sunday look? An animal-print short-sleeve shirt, baggy Who Decides War jeans and chunky sneakers.

Ramesh (Thames & Hudson) by Jaklyn Babington is out now.

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