Style: Splendour is set to be soggy: A guide to wet weather festival dressing

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A grim weather forecast hangs over the heads of thousands of music-lovers heading out to Splendour in the Grass near Byron Bay this weekend. And unless you're going for the "wet romantic lead" look a la Rachel McAdams in The Notebook, there are a few things you'll want to think about when planning your wardrobe.

Britain's Glastonbury festival, staged in a country notorious for bad weather, can reveal a few secrets for braving rain and mud. Celebrities like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung have long been staples of the festival, offering up a lesson in dressing for unpredictable weather while still maintaining a personal style.

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Over the years, Kate and Alexa have been seen sporting one accessory that all festival veterans believe to be crucial: the gumboot. Rainproof, and purpose-built to trudge through mud, these shoes are your first defence against festival ick. Heels, by the way, are obviously a no-no, unless you want to spend half of The Strokes' set wrestling with a stiletto in the mud, so stick with flat boots. A knee-length pair provides plenty of protection and looks great paired with a short skirt or over jeans.

For feet extra prone to feeling the chill, why not try a pair of Moonboots? The iconic ski wear brand has been spotted on the Dua Lipa and on the Paris runways. Waterproof and toasty, fashion's ski-wear revival has seen the brand release a swathe of new colours, from pastel pink to royal blue.

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While nearby Byron Bay may be associated with sunny skies and warm weather, temperatures can drop fast at night. Light layers are wise when temperatures can swing drastically in the space of a day.

For Sydney-based stylist and digital content creator Millie Sykes, the key to festival dressing is "being as comfortable as possible whilst pulling as big of a look you can." An '80s-style jumpsuit or ski suit is a "one and done" way to make a statement whilst being warm and easy to move in. She also likes pieces made from lycra or spandex, as they often come in fun prints and are easy to dance in.

For your outer shell, opt for something waterproof or fast-drying. A glossy PVC coat in a statement colour can be enough to make a simple outfit stand out, while a light windbreaker is fast-drying and ideal for layering. A clear PVC coat is another good option, offering protection from the elements whilst showcasing your outfit underneath.

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Sykes, for her part, is not a fan of a plastic raincoat, which can quickly get hot and sweaty when you're dancing for hours on end. She'll opt instead for a thick fur coat, and throw on a disposable plastic poncho if she needs it.

Sykes also says gumboots don't offer enough support, and prefers military or combat boots that can withstand a bit of a beating. Relatively cheap options are available online, and "aren't so precious that you'll be upset if they get dirty."

And for the cherry on top? "Go crazy on the accessories," says Sykes. Bold, colourful sunnies, lots of rings, and a fur hat can really make a look.

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