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Style: skin care: So you should know your pH

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sour or alkaline? The pH of the skin plays a very important role in general skin health. These products are suitable for this - and this is not

Das sagt der pH-Wert aus ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto that says the pH value from iStockphoto

Our skin has an acid protection jacket that helps to keep the moisture in the skin and keep environmental influences away. The acid protection jacket works with the natural active ingredients of our skin such as ceramids, enzymes and oils to protect the surface of our skin from external influences. In order to use the full potential of our acid mantle, we have to maintain an healthy pH of the skin.

What is the pH?

The pH value, also known as "hydrogen potential", is a number that indicates whether something is acidic or alkaline and lies on a numerical scale from 0-14. Everything that lies on the scale under 7 is considered sour, while everything with a pH over 7 is considered alkaline. The perfect pH of the skin is 5.5 , i. H. It is slightly acidic. If the pH of the skin is perfectly balanced, it can develop its optimal potential.

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The pH value only refers to water-based solutions, i.e. H. If a product does not contain any water, there is no pH. The pH value has a major impact on the barrier function of our skin, the bond of moisture and the microorganism milieu.

How does the pH value affect our skin?

products with a high pH (8-14) - also known as alkaline - can endanger the skin's acid protection coat. Face cleaning is the most common products with a high pH. Do you know the feeling that the skin feels taut after cleaning and is a squeakers? If so, then this feeling is very harmful to the natural barrier of the skin. The feeling of tension comes from the fact that the high pH of the cleaning agent of the skin deprives natural oils. This can lead to redness, increased sensitivity, drought and even outbreaks.

products with a low pH (0 - 6) - Since these products are closer to the natural pH value of your skin, they look more effective and help to renew the skin gently.

pH-conscious skin care

If the pH of the skin gets out of balance, it is susceptible to factors that can cause outbursts, eczema and sensitivity. It is therefore important to use products that have an balanced pH value.

pH-conscious skin care products (e.g. from Flânerie ) protect the skin and keep the pH value in chess.

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