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Style: fragrance favorites: Our favorite scents to give away

Beauty buffs race to buy 'natural' serums with 22,000-person waitlist

  Beauty buffs race to buy 'natural' serums with 22,000-person waitlist An Australian natural beauty brand is preparing to launch two highly-anticipated serums to add to its growing collection - with 22,000 skincare lovers on the waitlist. Rawkanvas was founded by two Australian friends Simona Valev and Shannon Lacey in 2018 - and since the natural, eco-conscious, vegan and cruelty-free range launched, it has gone on to enjoy huge success.On November 22 at 6pm the brand will unveil its Vibrance - a hydrating hyaluronic acid and ceramide serum and Essence - a multivitamin serum to restore, repair and protect against environmental damage - products to the public.

The girlfriend fragrance favorites 2022 have been determined. Read here which perfumes the expert jury convinced. They are ideal for giving away!

Diese Düfte sind die Favoriten der freundin-Expertenjury ISTOCK © ISTOCK These scents are the favorites of the girlfriend experts jury iSock

Christmas approach and would you like to give away perfume? With the huge selection of long-standing bestsellers, fragrance newities and niche perfumes, you quickly feel overwhelmed, but we have a tip for you.

recently won the girlfriend Favorite 2022 for the third time-after make-up and care, everything this time was all about scents. Our expert jury has diligently tested perfumes and chosen very personal favorites in the categories "fruity", "spicy", "flower" and "fresh". Let yourself be inspired - and if you know the rough fragrance preference of the recipient, then end up with one of the following fragrances (which are not listed in any specific order !) Good mood to spray! These perfumes immediately develop their fruity chords, look sparkling and happy:

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The jury enthusiastic about how balanced and harmoniously fruit and flower notes work here. With lemon, lychi and peony.

mandarins and orange blossom, plus a touch of vanilla - for everyone who likes tender scents.

"He is ideal with his sparkling citrus notes made of bitter orange when you miss the summer," said editor Simone Kraft.

"very citric-fresh, without being intrusive," said editor Kristin Suhr.

"refreshing, clear and smells pleasantly lightly of mandarins - I just became a fan," said influencer Anouk Delphine.

This fragrance convinced in the "spicy" category

like a cuddly cashmere scarf, these fragrances envelop us with warm-spicy ingredients such as cedar wood and cinnamon. Perfect for the winter!

The slightly smoky and vanilla oak nuances give the rose scent a striking-old grade.

"He has something incredibly soft and warm with his combination of tea and orchid aromas," enthused Alessandra Kuschel.

The aromas obtained from liquid pine needle extract make the fragrance look wonderfully woody-fresh.

"The fragrance has a real power, is refreshing with its ingredients, but not too difficult," said content creator Chris Fraas.

You can find even more fragrance winners and our favorites among the men's perfumes in the new girlfriend (issue 26/2022), which will be available at the kiosk from November 30, 2022.

You can also read girlfriend digitally.

Here you can go to the e-paper.

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