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Travel: airbnb: these equipment or services that bring up the rental prices

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a study of the USWitch site in sixteen European cities reveals which equipment and services that climb the airbnb rentals.

What are the "little more" for which you would be willing to pay a little more expensive your room reserved on Airbnb? The British price comparison service USWITCH has conducted the investigation to determine which equipment and services offered by the owners who were the most accommodated by customers.

Oslo at Athens , here are the favorite airbnb equipment of customers - and sometimes unusual - which most relatives to Airbnb owners.

the valet parking and welcoming pets, services taken on Airbnb

after peeling from very many advertisements Airbnb on a European scale, it is the valet service that turns out to be the most profitable for the owners. Those who put it in place can indeed charge an average of 26.94 euros more per person, a figure that climbs to 43.50 euros in a city like London .

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then comes the reception of pets in rented assets, which can increase an airbnb price of 25.67 euros per person per person. According to Uswitch, the Airbnb owners in Athens, Lisbon , London, Madrid, Paris, Prague and Rome can charge between 7.70 euros and 65.08 additional euros to allow pets in their homes. available for rent.

The most profitable services on Airbnb according to the

regions among the other desired equipment, the sauna ranks at the top of the podium in London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon and especially Paris, where it can be responsible for an increase in Price up to 82.20 euros euros per night and per person ... either more expensive than air conditioning in Dublin, for example.

In London, the strong demand for a sauna within the Airbnb accommodations is likely to reflect the popularity of thermal stays in the English capital.

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Air conditioning also pays particularly expensive in Vienna and Prague, while the pool has its little success in Athens and Riga . In Zurich, it's the gym that gets up top of the most profitable service rankings. A Copenhagen , the equipment that hurts the invoice is, in a rather amazing way, the bread machine.

The turn-disk arrives at the tenth position of the ranking of the most profitable equipment for the owners present on Airbnb. The presence of a turntable can increase the price of the rental of 6.65 euros per person (and up to 18.50 euros if you stay at Brussels ).

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