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Mum builds a thriving business making school lunches for other parents

  Mum builds a thriving business making school lunches for other parents An Australian mum and dietitian is making the morning school rush easier for time-poor parents by providing healthy lunchbox options for children. Cara Aprile, 35, from Brisbane, launched Lilly's Little Lunchbox in September 2021 and in the first months alone the brand had hundreds of greatorders.The business idea struck one day when Cara was preparing her daughter Lilly's lunchbox for daycare, but it took seven years of planning to get the brand up and running.'Lilly's Little Lunchbox came about as I have always had a passion for preparing healthy meals for my own daughter,' Cara told FEMAIL.

In July,

The world's largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus delivered significantly fewer machines after bottlenecks in suppliers than in the previous month. In the past month, the DAX group handed over 46 traffic jets to its customers after 60 in June, as he announced in Toulouse on Monday evening.

Die Stückzahl der ausgelieferten Airbus-Maschinen sinkt weiter. © Julian Weber/dpa The number of the delivered Airbus machines continues to drop.

because suppliers hardly come after their deliveries, Airbus boss Guillaume Faury had cut his plans for 2022 at the end of July and expects only 700 deliveries instead of 720. Meanwhile, the manufacturer brought in orders of over 401 new machines in July, of which almost 300 machines go to China. In return, Airbus posted cancellations over four jets.

Data Shows Young Aussie’s Driving the Non Alcoholic Drinks Trend

  Data Shows Young Aussie’s Driving the Non Alcoholic Drinks Trend Either you’ve seen the explosion in non-alcoholic drinks across our shelves in Australia, or you’ve been living under a rock. What we’d once put down as a simple trend has stayed the course to become a movement led by young Aussies with a keen interest in improving their health while saying goodbye to social pressures. […]A recent study by Brick Lane Brewing has tackled the perception that social pressures act as a barrier to entry, simultaneously tackling low or no-alcohol drink stigmas head-on. Data collected by surveying a wide range of Aussies states fewer than 1 in 10 (8 per cent) of people believe there is a stigma attached to consuming non-alcoholic beverages.

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still contained in the order book, a remaining order from the Arabic airline Qatar Airways over 19 large -scale aircraft of type A350. According to industry circles, however, the manufacturer has now terminated the contract with its large customer after months of public dispute over damage to the surface of several machines in the series.

Qatar Airways had sued the world's largest aircraft manufacturer in London in December because of the defects and publicly described them as a security problem. However, Airbus and the European Aviation Authority Easa assessed the matter differently. The manufacturer had offered to fix the damage at his own expense, but Qatar Airways had rejected this.

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