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Küchenmöbel gehören seit Jahren zu den Bestsellern der Branche.  Foto: dpa © provided by Wirtschaftswoche kitchen furniture has been among the bestsellers in the industry for years. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright =

The high inflation is difficult for the furniture industry-especially in the price entry segment. Why expensive armchairs and sofas are currently selling better than cheap products.

The German furniture industry feels the supply of purchase of consumers-triggered by the high inflation and the Ukraine war. After a good start to the year 2022, the demand in June and July decreased significantly, reports Jan Kurth, managing director of the associations of the German furniture industry (VDM/VHK).

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In July, the order input was almost 35 percent in the home furniture industry and in the upholstered furniture industry by 38.3 percent below the last month of the previous year. With kitchen furniture, the minus was 6.7 percent. A similar downward trend can currently be observed in household technology.

, however, hopes that the industry will attract the demand for the end of the holiday season in autumn despite increasing prices. After all, as a safe retreat, the home is becoming more important, especially in uncertain times, says Kurth. Even large players in the furniture trade remain optimistic.

"Up to now we do not feel less demand," says the IKEA furniture chain. In pandemic, the home got an even greater priority for people than was the case before. Ikea therefore looks "very optimistic about the future".

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IKEA competitors XXXLutz has not yet seen any business clouds. "When it comes to a declining demand regarding any consumption, this is not currently noticeable for us," says a company spokesman on request. Furniture and facilities for the domestic four walls are "valuable long -term plants", especially in times of uncertainties that are characterized by uncertainties, "our customers even buy higher quality, we will feel this willingness increased". Therefore, "we are still optimistic", says the company.

do not worry about the gas

The manufacturers also report that premium products are still selling well. In contrast, the lower price segment, on the other hand, is more affected by the retention of purchase. Because the buyers would have to pay particular attention to their money in view of the high energy prices, explains industry representatives Kurth.

For the year as a whole, the furniture industry only expects "a slightly declining quantity development". Due to the price increases, sales should even increase by six to eight percent. Before the outbreak of the Ukraine War, however, the industry had expected a sales increase of around ten percent.

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In the first half of 2022, German furniture manufacturers were able to increase their sales by 13.4 percent to around 9.5 billion euros. However, around ten percent of the growth was due to price increases due to increased material costs. The domestic business grew a little stronger than exports. The most important abroad for German furniture manufacturers was still France, followed by Switzerland and Austria. Exports to Russia broke up by 29 percent over the course of the year.

worries less than the rest of German industry, the furniture manufacturers make themselves because of a possible gas shortage - at least as far as heating is concerned. The heating energy is usually generated by the manufacturers by burning wood waste from their own production, says Kurth.

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