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Travel: A complex of caves with "hieroglyphs and veregue symbols" discovered in the center of kyiv

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in the historic center of kyiv was discovered the entrance to a formidable network of caves. On the walls, old -style inscriptions of tens of centuries could date from several different eras.

It is in a way a treasure hunt that Dmytro Perov, of the kyiv Urban Development Center ( Ukraine ) undertaken, as the Ukrainian

site (Про українське радіо) on November 14 2022. He followed the indications of his grandmother, who regularly evoked the legendary site of a cave next to the former family house, deemed uninhabitable by the city's housing authorities in 1979. Keeping rumors Family in a corner of his head (and having learned that the land could be exploited), Dmytro Perov therefore looked in the Podil district of these mysterious galleries. What was not his surprise when, with his friends, he discovered an entry!

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дмитро Перов

of treasures in the heart of kyiv on November 12, 2022, first explorations in the caves were thus carried out by the one who revealed them, as well as a group of researchers from the Institute of Archeology. On Facebook , Dmytro Perov explains that they would have traveled about forty meters in the underground tunnels, being in the end part of a much larger complex of four distinct caves. For the moment, only two of them have been traveled, the others requiring the creation of additional passages to be fully accessible. But the team has already discovered fragments of pottery as well as a "set of


and Varègues symbols".

дмитро Перов

preliminary, specialists assume that they could date from the era of the kyiv rus, State of Eastern and North European which prospered from the end of the 9th in the middle of the 13th century, before the Mongolian invasion. A medieval state founded and governed by the Varègues, also called by Eastern Slavs the " Vikings from the North", which then controlled a vast world commercial road west - they are also known for having formed the Emperors

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. However, the territory of the time was so extensive that it brought together many peoples. This should make it difficult to determine who exactly could have engraved these symbols on the walls of the cave.

Their DNA confirms this: the Vikings were not all Scandinavian, nor blonde with blue eyes

among the "animal animist images and graffiti" registered, always indicates Dmytro Perov, this time quoted by the

Archeonews site

, the Algiz rune was hidden (nicknamed the "chicken foot") of the runic alphabet of the Futhark, used in writing in the proto-Germanic languages ​​of the time. For the Varégues, it would have been a symbol of safety and longevity. Other inscriptions, moreover, could be even older and be dated in the 5th or 6th century BC. AD, advance archaeologists. If more research must be undertaken to discover it, they are already surprised that such treasures can hide so long in the center of kyiv. newly discovered and already threatened? "The last caves discovered in Kyiv are the serpent complex, which was discovered in the 1980s. Since 1985, no large -scale caves complex on Kyiv territory had been revealed or studied", enthuses So Dmytro Perov. But it also alerts: although the municipal council has postponed the decision of the construction permit on the site, "there is no guarantee [...] that this single place will not be used for the construction of another residential complex ". It is for this reason that he wanted to share his discoveries, in order to attract the attention of the general public to the importance of the protection of these places. The hasty disclosure of this kind of discovery can usually

Make the preservation of such archaeological sites


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