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Travel: ski resorts: almost one in two accommodation is classified as "energy colander"

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near one in two ski resort accommodation (48%), presents a classified energy performance F or G. Faced with the will of the government Prohibit the rental of "thermal colanders", ski resorts could be in great difficulty.

Since last weekend, and despite a still very discreet snow, the ski season has been launched in the stations in France . For the occasion, Heero, specializing in the financing of energy renovation has established an ranking relegated by Le Figaro to the most energy -consuming ski resorts by studying 70 stations in the Alps, the Massif Central, the Vosges, the Jura and the Pyrenees.

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50% of housing in ski resorts are

energy smokings This study has revealed that half of these dwellings are energy smokers (classified f or g). While nationally, the rate amounts to 16.9% . For some stations like Isola 2,000 located in the Southern Alps, it even climbs up to 90%! Same observation for Piau Engly (Pyrenees 86%), La Pierre Saint Martin (Pyrénées 79%), Puy-Saint-Vincent (Southern Alps 76%), Barèges (Pyrenees 74%) or Morzine-Avoriaz (Northern Alps 73 %). Conversely, Bellefontaine (Jura 15%), the Marketestein (Vosges 18%), the Fire Field (Vosges 20%), the Combe Saint-Pierre (Jura 21%), La Mongie (Pyrenees 26%) are part The least energy -consuming ski resorts, but the rate of energy colanders remains high compared to the national average.

of the results to be linked to the new

regulations These figures are explained in particular by the altitude, the geographic area and the seniority of the buildings. A large part of the stations built in the 1970s is indeed faced with the threat of no longer being able to rent its housing park if nothing is done to modernize it.

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Indeed, from January 1, 2023, the housing classified G having a DPE greater than 450 kWh per m2 will be prohibited for rental. In January 2025, this regulation will concern all the housing classified G, followed by the housing classified F in 2028. The housing classified E finally, will disappear from the rental park in 2034.

in its study, Heero explains that "the ski resorts risk seeing Their rental fleet decreases by half from 2028. For some of them, it will be materially impossible to renovate all the accommodation concerned by then ". According to Romain Villain, managing director of Heero in Nantes, "the most energy -consuming housing will disappear from the rental park. So far, tourist rentals have not been affected but the Minister of Housing, Olivier Klein, announced there is A few weeks his intention that all the tourist dwellings are forced by the prohibition to rent. Half of the housing park of the ski resorts can therefore be rented if nothing is done, "he said.

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