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Travel: Lufthansa-Airbus is sure to land with a engine in Luanda

Three years that changed us

  Three years that changed us In 21 countries, we asked photographers to capture snapshots of home and hope. Here's what they saw.Fear.

with just one running engine, an Airbus from Lufthansa has ended in an unscheduled manner in Angola's capital Luanda.

Flaggen der Fluggesellschaft Lufthansa flattern im Wind. © Andreas Arnold/dpa flags of the airline Lufthansa flutter in the wind.

Before that, the pilot had switched off the other engine of the A350-900 because technical irregularities had been reported, as the company reported on Monday. The incident had already occurred on Saturday on the LH575 flight from Cape Town to Munich, in which 271 passengers were on board.

A spokesman rejected reports that the engine burned. A technician team is currently on the road to Luanda to check the plane. Security on board was never affected. The passengers were all rebooked or accommodated in hotels. The plane is comparatively young at the age of five.

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