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Travel: before "Schlag den Star": Joachim Llambi bursts in the Munich luxury hotel of the collar

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  Hotel nurses concerned for patient safety A nurse in Victoria's hotel quarantine program has described fearing they couldn't keep returned travellers safe with the number of staff they had.Despite concerns he couldn't keep patients safe, Michael Tait said he enjoyed the camaraderie and the challenge.

in front of "Schlag den Star": Joachim Llambi bursts because of states in the Munich luxury hotel of the collar

Joachim Llambi traveled to Munich and spent The night in the popular luxury hotel. - But the accommodation was a bitter disappointment. He now revealed the details on Instagram.

Munich-Dance athlete and television presenter Joachim Llambi traveled to Munich last weekend for filming “Schlag den Star” of the TV station ProSieben. There he spent the nights in the four-star hotel "Roomers Munich" on the Schwanthalerhöhe. But his overnight stay was far from luxury.

Joachim Llambi from Luxury Hotel disappointed: "You don't need that in the morning"

The trouble started for Llambi when he arrived at the hotel: "Check-in: The right hand did not know what the left was doing 20 minutes" the 58-year-old reported on Saturday (December 17) on Instagram. The next morning, Llambi also had to find out that the elevator was defective: "Do not opened the door," he wrote in the Instagram contribution

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"you don't need it in the morning," said Llambi on his Instagram account . Due to the defective elevator, he had to walk five floors on foot - "with three luggage". The staircase was "dirty, partly broken", according to the Let´ Dance jury member.

"What a bad hotel!"-Llambi from Münchner Hotel disappointed

On his website, the four-star hotel promises its guests "extravagant rooms and suites", which "spraying multifaceted zeitgeist]." The reality was far from it , it is made of Llambi's words: they were "very small", and the shower "sometimes not" worked, according to the German-Spanish professional dancer.

  Vor „Schlag den Star“: Joachim Llambi platzt wegen Zuständen im Münchner Luxus-Hotel der Kragen © provided by TZ Photo © Imago/Christoph Hardt

At breakfast the trouble continued: The 58-year-old learned that there was only something to eat from 7:30 a.m. - "Great when you are traveling early as a business traveler," said Llambi ironically. The conclusion of the TV dancer: "What a bad hotel!" His rating Llambi concluded with the words: "In total, not even 2 stars, avoid absolutely. The shop never sees me again for the money! ”When asked TZ, the hotel does not want to comment on the allegations. The hotel is rated on Google with 4.5 out of 5 stars, at Booking it has the number of points 8.4.

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