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Travel: hit the star: Llambi etching against luxury hotel - "never again"

Hotel nurses concerned for patient safety

  Hotel nurses concerned for patient safety A nurse in Victoria's hotel quarantine program has described fearing they couldn't keep returned travellers safe with the number of staff they had.Despite concerns he couldn't keep patients safe, Michael Tait said he enjoyed the camaraderie and the challenge.

Joachim Llambi is a fan of the clear (and hard) words. A luxury hotel in Munich has now felt that.

Joachim Llambi, hier am 7. Mai 2022, im DSDS-Finale, hat sich bei Instagram mächtig über ein Luxus-Hotel aufgeregt. © Picture Alliance/dpa Joachim Llambi, here on May 7, 2022, in the DSDS final, has been a lot of luxury hotel on Instagram.

before his appearance at "Schlag den Star" on Saturday (December 17, 2022), the "Let's Dance" juror spent the night in the "Roomers". "A safe choice", you would like to say when looking at the ratings: 4.5 out of 5 possible stars, the hotel receives on Google, 8.4 out of 10 points at

Joachim Llambi about "Roomers" in Müchen: "What a bad hotel!"

But at least for Joachim Llambi, the hotel election turned out to be a grip in the toilet. And that brought the 58-year-old to the palm so much that he specifically put an Instagram post on the subject.

Italy's Prada appoints new CEO for Prada brand

  Italy's Prada appoints new CEO for Prada brand MILANO (Reuters) - Hong Kong-listed Italian fashion group Prada said on Tuesday it has picked former Dior executive Gianfranco D'Attis as chief executive officer for its flagship Prada brand, starting from January 2. "His proven experience in the luxury sector, with a specific focus on retail, will help Prada to increase its growth potential in all geographies," the group said in a statement. The move comes days after the appointment of former Luxottica chief Andrea Guerra as new chief executive officer of the Prada group, to ease a transition at the helm to the next generation of the founding family.

already has the introduction: "What a bad hotel!" Is the early conclusion Llambis. Already on arrival he had to have negative experiences: "The right hand did not know what the left was doing". The check-in process took 20 minutes. To make matters worse, the room was still "very small" and the shower did not work in some cases.

see the Instagram contribution by Joachim Llambi:

, even on departure, there were problems. Llambi reports on an elevator that came but had not opened. So he had to carry his three pieces of luggage from the fifth floor through the "dirty, partially broken" staircase. "You don't need it in the morning," says the Duisburg.

arrived at the bottom, you already suspect it, the next excitement: breakfast will only be served from 7.30 a.m. "Great when you are traveling earlier as a business traveler," etched Llambi.

his devastating rating: “In total, not even 2 stars worth it, absolutely avoid. The shop never sees me again for the money! ”

at least: (visible) effects on its performance on the following evening with“ Schlag den Star ”obviously did not have the poor night. Llambi prevailed against DJ Bobo and won the ProSieben show.

, however, paid the victory expensive - with a triple broken rib. However, the "Roomers", which has not yet officially commented on the judgment, cannot do anything. Probably not even in the eyes of Joachim Llambi. (SAL)

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