Australia: "it feels rather good": Martin Blachier reassuring on Omicron

Towards a "tidal wave" Omicron in the UK, and soon in France?

 Towards a © Copyright 2021, Obs The French hospitals welcome more and more patients with CVIV-19, while the peak of the fifth wave of the epidemic has not yet been reached . In the background, the threat of the Omicron variant continues to plan in Europe and France, the boss of the AP-HP already imputes a potential "sixth wave" to come. According to the latest Public Health Point France on December 10, 59 cases of the new variant had been detected in positive samples screened.

“Ça sent plutôt bon” : Martin Blachier rassurant sur Omicron © Best Image "It smells rather good": Martin Blachier reassuring on Omicron This Tuesday, December 21, Dr. Martin Blachier has once again expressed on the Evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic via its Twitter account. The scientist wanted reassuring about the propagation and consequences of the Omicron variant.

Since the beginning of the sanitary crisis, Martin Blachier has become accustomed to to share his expertise in the media , but not only. The epidemiologist parallel much expressed on his Twitter account. if he expressed his concern about the propagation of the Omicron variant the day before on LCI, saying that "Nobody today does not know what's going to happen", the scientist wanted more reassuring this Tuesday, December 21st. In a message posted on social networks, it was interested at the admissions to the hospital at our British neighbors : "For the moment no hospital signal in the UK. It's still a little early but It feels rather good. towards the optimistic scenario with a less virulent Omicron? Let's wait another 2 or 3 days ... ", he wrote in a message accompanied by a graph.

Omicron dominant in the coming hours in London and Copenhagen

 Omicron dominant in the coming hours in London and Copenhagen © Copyright 2021, Obs now present in 63 countries, the Omicron variant will be soon dominant in Europe ... and in France ? In the hex, it seems to spread "extremely quickly" and could know "rapid growth". In his last review released Wednesday, December 8, the Scientific Council estimates that Omicron's impact in the country could be felt "in the coming weeks".

In a second tweet posted a few hours later, Martin Blachier pointed out: "We do not yet know the hospital impact (if there is one that arrives one day) of Omicron. On the other hand, is already noted. The impact of anxiety and fear that people have been transmitted to people about it. "The day before, always on his Twitter account, the epidemiologist declared," If Omicron is really less virulent and that's This mitigation that explains South African data, then Omicron attenuates the delta wave. We will quickly know, "said Martin Blachier, who knows that the situation changes from day to day .

For the moment no hospital signal in the United Kingdom. It's still a little early but it feels pretty good.

to the optimistic scenario have less virulent Omicron?

Hundreds asked to isolate after Omicron scare at Melbourne nightspots; Victoria records 1405 new cases

  Hundreds asked to isolate after Omicron scare at Melbourne nightspots; Victoria records 1405 new cases Hundreds of patrons who attended two popular nightspots in Melbourne's inner-north last week have been asked to isolate after a fellow patron was later diagnosed with the Omicron variant of COVID-19. © Chris Hopkins Anyone who attended the venues in Fitzroy and Collingwood at the same time as the confirmed case has been told to isolate. Health authorities released a statement on Wednesday morning confirming the infected person spent several hours at Sircuit Bar in Fitzroy from about 9pm and then went to the Peel Hotel in Collingwood from about 11.30pm until 3am.

still wait 2 or 3 days ...

- Martin Blachier (@martinblachier) December 21, 2021 The Omicron variant worries the United Kingdom

as reported the Parisian In an article published on Monday, December 20, The Omicron Variant has the same outbreak in the United Kingdom, so much that Queen Elizabeth has decided to change his plans for Christmas . While the country recorded 91.743 new cases of COVID-19 in the space of 24 hours, many British worried themselves to have to cancel their awakened events for the end of year celebrations. For its part, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he " would not hesitate " to take more restrictive measures to try to curb the propagation of the Omicron variant. " For the moment, we want people to focus on caution," said the one who recently became dad , reminiscent of it was important to ventilate the pieces and wear the mask. to read also Interview - Martin Blachier Tape of the Fist on the Table: "The Government's Strategy does not make sense" - Gala

Omicron: is it time to give up? .
Omicron has thrown the country into a seemingly contradictory position: leaders seeking to open up must suddenly consider how to limit its transmission, if at all.This week there was a huge change, as part of an effort to "live with" the virus. The national cabinet's decision to redefine a "close contact" to the bare minimum of someone living with a confirmed COVID-19 case or having spent more than four hours with them in a home, accommodation or care facility will inevitably mean cases — and therefore hospitalisations — will rise.

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