Australia: The fear of trade before Lockdown

Radio City's Rockettes CANCEL all remaining shows

  Radio City's Rockettes CANCEL all remaining shows The world-famous Rockettes have been forced to cancel the remainder of their Christmas Spectacular shows at Radio City Music Hall due to COVID-19.

Dusseldorf. After the already weak Christmas business, forced closures would meet again because of Omikron the industry again. Every second dealer looks at the continuation of 2G its existence in danger.

 Gähnende Leere herrscht derzeit häufig in der Innenstadt von Düsseldorf und anderen NRW-Städten.⇥ Foto: Malte Krudewig/dpa  © Malte Krudewig yawning emptiness is currently prevalent in downtown Düsseldorf and other NRW cities.⇥ Photo: Malte Krudewig / dpa

At the beginning of November, those responsible were still comparatively good things. At that time, the industry association HDE for the Christmas business, which definitions, comprises the months of November and December, a growth of two percent ahead. And though the predicted plus was primarily thanks to the boom in online trading and grocery, a little hope germined for better times - even if the comparative period 2020 has already been one of Corona restrictions with temporary closures of the transactions.

retailers of Christmas business Disappointed

 retailers of Christmas business Disappointed The German retail trade is disappointed with the Christmas business. Two thirds of 1000 surveyed trading companies were dissatisfied with the previous course, the trade association Germany (HDE) participated in Berlin. © Julia Cebella / dpa A sign points to the existing 2G control at a store in the city center in Frankurt / Main. of the stores in the inner cities had even evidently expressed 80 percent in the trend survey.

A good seven weeks later, there is disappointment in the light of 2G after the business in Advent time has brought too little. Every time the providers hoped for more customer traffic before the weekend, every time their hopes did not fulfill. More than three quarters of all dealers were disappointed before Christmas, but believed that thanks to vouchers and money presents in the next few days and weeks, it was a bit better.

What is almost worse than the frustrating Christmas balance: it's concern for a new Lockdown because of the omikron variant of the virus. "If the incidence is up to the height, probably fewer people will come back to the inner cities," said HDE-General Managing Director Stefan Genth of the German Press Agency. And that, after the industry has resistant to the 2G rules in most of the federal states, and thus has often shrunk by a third of the business according to companies. While the online business flourishes, the situation in stationary trade threatens to worry clearly when Omikron is broad. Even under the continued existence of the applicable 2G rules, half of the companies surveyed in an HDE examination fears their own existence.

Maxime and Alizée (Beijing Express): Their baby leads to the emergencies in the middle of the night, the dad confides his disarray

 Maxime and Alizée (Beijing Express): Their baby leads to the emergencies in the middle of the night, the dad confides his disarray © Capture Instagram @Maximelanglais Maxime and Alizée (Beijing Express): their baby leads to the emergencies in the middle of the night, the daddy entrusts its disarray in the middle of the night from Saturday 18 to Sunday, December 19, the newborn of Maxime and Alizée, iconic couple of Beijing Express, had to be taken to emergencies. In a Story Instagram, the father, who had already escaped a fire a few days ago, confided his disarray.

At the same time, not only the trade is disappointed with the results from the Christmas business. Albert Knight, President of the German Showman Association, talks to the Christmas markets of a "financial disaster". The restrictions were just too strong, "said Knights the" Editorial Network Germany ". His balance: two-thirds sales decline alone by 2G, only five to ten percent of comparable proceeds there, where 2G plus had to be present, vaccinated and genisen so also a current negative rapid test. Among them, the Christmas markets in the region have also suffered.

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and if actually a lockdown in stationary non-food trade would come? "Close the transactions according to weak Weeks of Christmas business would take existence in danger and not be responsible for this," says Genth. His pendant Peter pay attention to the Handelsverband NRW becomes even clearer: "30 percent of the dealers who do not sell goods of daily needs, have existence worries. If now a Lockdown would come, this would be for many of them of the death shock. "

Lockdown Partys: Photo shows Johnson with almost 20 people in the garden

 Lockdown Partys: Photo shows Johnson with almost 20 people in the garden after reports on Lockdown parties in the British government seat, a photo of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has surfaced with just under 20 people in the garden of Downing Street. © DPA Boris Johnson on the recording published on Monday from the "Guardian", which comes from a time with strict contact restrictions, Johnson is at a table with wife Carrie and two employees. Distributed over the garden, you can see more ingots, there are wine and cheese.

already see the increasing number of empty shops during stroll through inner cities. Around 50,000 of them could disappear, Genth said at the beginning of the pandemic. Of course, not only because of Corona, but the virus and its economic consequences are and were a fire accelerator. Wherever not everyone who gives up his shop has previously filed insolvency. Some who do not see any more meaningful perspective for their business in Corona times, use the course of leases that make them easy to exit them. Others have no (n) successor (in) for their business and anyway planned the entrepreneurial end.

wants to say: The motives are diverse, sometimes mix themselves, but Corona sometimes reinforces the conviction that the closure is the right decision. "Everyone sees that in his own city at once disappears stores. Close the gaps again will be heavy, "Genth believes.

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