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Australia: The Loop: Aussies dominate at the Australian Open, property prices rise (again), Solar Orbiter flies through a comet tail and the world's oldest living aquarium fish is a fussy eater

Women's Ashes top 20: Players as organisers, a big investment and high stakes — this was the first women's Ashes

  Women's Ashes top 20: Players as organisers, a big investment and high stakes — this was the first women's Ashes It took 32 days at sea and countless hours on rail, but in 1934 the English women's cricket team arrived in Australia to play the first women's Ashes series. The entertainment and skill from both sides certainly didn't disappoint.She might have been young, but Antonio was a clever bowler with an eclectic bag of tricks.

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One thing you should know: We're in for an all-Aussie doubles final

The "Special Ks" — Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis — defeated third seeds Marcel Granollers and Horacio Zeballos in this afternoon's Australian Open semifinal on Rod Laver Arena, winning 7-6 (7-4), 6-4.

They will meet fellow Australians Matt Ebden and Max Purcell in the final.

It will be the first all-Australian men's doubles final since 1980, when Mark Edmondson and Kim Warwick defeated Peter McNamara and Paul McNamee.

Since we're talking about the Australian Open …

Dylan Alcott is looking for a farewell title as he plays his final Australian Open showdown against Sam Schroder at Rod Laver Arena (that's on at the moment and you can keep tabs on the score right here).

Almost 400 years old: Oldest shark of the world spotted

 Almost 400 years old: Oldest shark of the world spotted If we talk about ancient animals, a turtle always crawls before our spiritual eye. There should be a hai swimming there. © Imago / Nature Picture Library Greenlandhai No, it's not the white shark , which becomes so stone, they are not the giants of their genus, the giant or whale shark . The fish it goes is smaller, without being small. He preferably lives in the ice-cold water of the North Atlantic and was hit by a research team in 2016, the amazing determined.

Meanwhile, Ash Barty will try to cement a spot in the women's singles final when she plays Madison Keys sometime around 6:30pm.

Can't get enough of tennis? You can stay up -to-date on our live blog.

What else is going on? Property prices are on the rise

According to Domain's latest House Price Report, released today, the median cost of houses in Australian capital cities rose to $1.06 million in the December quarter.

Domain's chief of research and economics, Nicola Powell, says people are using their homes differently because of the pandemic.

"We've seen record-low interest rates support buyer activity, and we've also seen a high level of household savings," Dr Powell says.

"But I think more importantly, through the pandemic we're spending more time in our homes and using them very differently, and that's driven home owners to upgrade."

The price question: Debate about cost better food

 The price question: Debate about cost better food affordable prices in the supermarket, more biodiversity and animal welfare in agriculture: how both can be brought into a hat, stands for discussion. © Silas Stein / DPA on further corridor - grazing cows in the Black Forest. multiple agricultural organizations warn against playing the needs of income-weak households against those of farmers. The nutritional industry warned it should not give "social vegans" - people who are too expensive for animal products.


Median house price

Annual growth

























News alerts you might have missed

  • In the middle of the Matildas' Asian Cup campaign and on the eve of their match against Thailand, Tameka Yallop has tested positive for COVID-19

  • Prince Andrew's lawyers say he wants a jury to decide a lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre if he can't get the case dismissed altogether

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What Australia has been searching for online

  • Solar Orbiter: The UK-built spacecraft has flown through the tail of a comet for the second time during its mission
  • Prince Andrew: He wants a jury to decide a lawsuit lodged by a sexual assault accuser if he cannot get the case dismissed altogether, his lawyers say in court papers

One more thing

Meet Methuselah, the oldest-living aquarium fish.

Biologists at the California Academy of Sciences believe the lungfish is about 90 years old, with no known living peers.

Exported from Australia to the San Francisco museum in 1938, Methuselah clocks in at whopping 1.2 metres and 18.1 kilograms.

"She’s a little picky and only likes figs when they are fresh and in season. She won't eat them when they're frozen," says Jeanette Peach from the California Academy of Sciences.

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