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Australia: Sportsman Election 2021: Felix Schleßer makes the difference

Political commentator Dean Jaensch dies aged 85, remembered as academic 'shining star'

  Political commentator Dean Jaensch dies aged 85, remembered as academic 'shining star' Tributes are being paid to the man remembered for bringing both "wit and wisdom" to political education and electoral analysis in South Australia.The emeritus professor was a regular guest and commentator on the ABC in South Australia, analysing federal and state electoral trends.

of the 17-year-old Felix Schleßer from the JSG Erft 01 is the difference in the A-Junior district league. The striker of the cake Heimer scored in seven games in the round-out eleven goals and contributed the template for another. Thus, Schlößer alone collected more points than the FC Hürth, Ford Niehl and the SPVG Flittard as a team.

Immer einen Schritt schneller: Felix Schlößer. © Photo: Steinicke always a step faster: Felix Schleßer.

also his club would be quite sure in the table without the gates of her striker. Schlößer is responsible for 64.7 percent of the JSG gates, applies on average 1.6 times per game and defeated the leader of the district league, the FC Rheinzüd, quasi single-handedly when he hit the 4: 2 adhesive success of his team three hits scored and prepared another.

A poll like no other: is Australia ready for its first federal pandemic election?

  A poll like no other: is Australia ready for its first federal pandemic election? Between COVID protocols and pre-poll voting, every step of the process will be different.Whether the election is called for March or May (the latter is more likely at this stage), the Australian Electoral Commission is bracing itself for a mammoth task as it pulls off its first national election in the midst of a pandemic.

except talent

as a different player he also helped decisively play in very narrow play. So he secured by two goals at 2: 2 against the sports lovers in Troisdorf as well as the 1: 2 away win against the DJK Südwest important points.

His longtime coach and promoter Senaid Begic knows how much his team needs the striker: "Without him it is simply difficult on the square. The guys are dependent on his goals and the complete game is tailored to him. "

perfect running behavior

that the current third table space the seasonal goal of league is more than surpassed, it is also owed primarily to Schlößer. His strengths lie loud Begic, who has trained the player since the F-youth, in his perfect running behavior, his purposefulness to the gate. And also the royal designation for attackers falls: "Complete striker."

But Begic has only praised words for Schlößer: "He is an absolute team player and always tries to help the team. He is also well educated and very intelligent. "Every coach would wish to have a player like him in the team.

Whether the next season will be the Senior citizen team of the JSG, BEGIC does not know. However, Felix feels very well with the project in Kuchenheim and have already highlighted several offers in the past, for example from Bonn SC or Fortuna Cologne. "I treat it to play Felix with these higher-class clubs, the potential he definitely has."

Wirtshausfestival Felix 2022: Dumpling Pilgrimage .
The tavern festival on the Traunsee and the Almtal rises the dumpling food for two day trips to the quasi-religious feast. © Kernmayr Photo / Pernkopf Religions have already formed many things to do deities, ghosts and elements. There is also the cultic worship, which sometimes complies with the dumplings, is not surprising. Especially since the dumplings is a kind of element, at least for the Tyrolean. Because, so the folk saying: "Dumplings and noodles, cams and plents.

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