Australia: Bush tracker called into search for missing vice-captain

These Eerie Missing Person Cases Are Still Haunting Investigators

  These Eerie Missing Person Cases Are Still Haunting Investigators In 2021, the nation was gripped by the disappearance and tragic discovery of the remains of 22-year-old “van lifer” Gabby Petito, who was killed while on a cross-country road trip with her fiancé. While Petito was ultimately found, hundreds of thousands of people go missing each year and many of their families are still desperately searching for answers, as the year winds down with no signs of them. Here are six unsolved cases that have confounded investigators and left loved ones frustrated by their disturbing disappearances.

A tracker who helped the family of three-year-old AJ Elfalak during the bushland search for the boy is now searching for 20-year-old man missing for 10 days.  

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Jake Cassar, who lent his expertise to the Elfalak family during the harrowing but successful search for their son AJ in September, is now searching Central Coast bushland for Logan Losurdo. 

Logan, a former school vice captain who once received a standing ovation for a speech about overcoming adversity, was last seen around 1.15am on Friday November 26 on Pebble Beach Avenue, Magenta, NSW

Police end latest search for William Tyrrell, after searching bushland and waterways near Kendall

  Police end latest search for William Tyrrell, after searching bushland and waterways near Kendall Police had spent the last four weeks scouring areas near Kendall on the NSW Mid North Coast as they search for clues into the missing toddler.Around 30 police officers and detectives spent more than four weeks scouring bushland and waterways near Kendall, south of Port Macquarie, where the three year old was last seen on September 12, 2014.

Mr Losurdo was reported missing to police about 8.15pm that evening and has not been seen or heard from since.

CCTV images have been released of a vehicle whose driver the police would like to speak to as part of the investigation.

Ms Cassar, who has searched with up to 16 members of the local community and some of Logan's friends for 10 days in bushland near where he went missing, said he is helping out as a local community member.

'This is where I live, so if it were my child out there, or the child of a friend, I'd want someone out there that had a bit of experience in tracking,' Ms Cassar told Daily Mail Australia during the ongoing search.

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The experienced tracker is operating on a theory that Mr Losurdo may have fled into dense scrub.

Search for William Tyrrell's body is CALLED OFF after a month

  Search for William Tyrrell's body is CALLED OFF after a month An extensive month-long search for William Tyrrell's body on NSW's Mid North Coast has been called off after investigators failed to find the missing toddler's remains.NSW Police have announced search operations being undertaken near the three-year-old foster mother's Kendall home, where he vanished from in September 2014, are expected to be completed in coming days.

'We're trying to keep an open mind, including that he may not be in the scrub,' Mr Cassar said. 'We found some entry points where it's likely he could have pushed into the scrub'. 

Mr Cassar said he also found a trail of footprints by a single person which he followed for a couple of hours before the track 'went cold'. 

"My deductions lead me to believe that if he is in the bush, he's probably tangled up in those vines somewhere "

In one of his Facebook live streams during the search, he recounted the search party also heard someone yelling in the bush but none of the leads have yet led to the discovery of the young man.

On Saturday Mr Cassar and others searched an area of dense foliage off Pebble Beach Avenue he said was called 'The Labyrinth'.

'If anyone got caught up there, especially after running into the bush at night, like it was suggested he had, they would be like a small fly in a spider's web getting tangled up in there.' 

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Mr Cassar said the area is thick with a 'barbed wire' vine known as Smilax Australis. 

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Mr Cassar said the area contained vines that produced lots clean, fresh water 'if you had some survival skills'.

'It's scary thinking of a young fella out there for 11 days now without survival skills.

'My deductions lead me to believe that if he is in the bush, he's probably tangled up in those vines somewhere.' 

The tracker said Ms Losurdo's close friends through it would be out of character for him to take off and hide but his experience searching for AJ Elfalak meant he would keep an open mind.

'Once you close the door on one thing, like people did with AJ Elfalak - people believed he'd been kidnapped so the vast majority stopped searching...'

'That's when I piped up and said, the minute we stop searching and giving into one belief, is the minute this young fella could end up dying in the bush.'

The desperate search for Mr Losurdo's whereabouts came as a video of the young man describing his difficult upbringing and receiving a standing ovation while he was still a student re-emerged.

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The clip of Mr Losurdo delivering a keynote address to the AVID Australia Summer Institute in 2018 as a 17-year-old senior at Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College student was reposted by the Help Bring Logan Home Facebook page.  

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination - was a program Logan was enrolled in during secondary school by a teacher who was also his carer.  

In the speech, Logan shows photos of himself as child while recounting that he lived with his mother and brothers until the age of 12.

'My brothers and I were exposed to things on a daily basis that no young person should,' he told the audience.

'These were things like drug abuse, domestic violence, serious criminal activity, police raids, Family and Community Services visits - these were just the norm for our family. 

'Every day was a fight and every day there was another lie to tell somebody about what was really happening.'

Dressed in his school blazer and tie, Logan said that his modes of operation to survive while growing up were 'fighting and running'.

'Everybody was always fighting with someone at home, often these fights would be violent. They could happen at any moment. The yelling, the arguments, were the soundtrack of my childhood.'

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He recalls the moment as a child he was taken to Sydney from the Central Coast by his mother for a 'special' day out. During a trip to Timezone, she told him she was not his mother. 

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Logan said he came to learn the woman he knew as his aunt was really his biological mother.

'I felt like my whole life was a complete lie, my identity, my everything, had just been ripped out of me,' he said.

He then described how a teacher became the carer for he and his brothers, re-directing him towards education as a way out of his predicament in emergency care.   

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Officers from Tuggerah Lakes Police District – with the assistance of SES volunteers, PolAir, Water Police, Marine Rescue, NSW Surf Lifesaving and the Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) – have conducted extensive land and sea searches in the Magenta and The Entrance areas.

Several of Mr Losurdo's personal belongings were located in The Entrance North area. 

Strike Force McConnell, which has been established to investigate the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, want to speak to the driver of a white vehicle which was seen on Magenta Drive shortly before 1.10am on the night Mr Losurdo went missing.

A man is seen to get out of the car and speak with Mr Losurdo before re-entering the vehicle and driving away.

There is no suggestion this vehicle or person is involved in Mr Losurdo's disappearance, but detectives would like to speak to him as they believe he could assist with their inquiries. 

On December 2, Australian of the Year Grace Tame Tweeted about the search for Logan. 

'This is Logan. He lives close to a dear friend of mine. His whole community misses him. Please help if you can,' Ms Tame Tweeted. 

Mr Losurdo is of Caucasian appearance, between 170cm to 180cm tall, of medium build, with black, curly hair and brown eyes.

He was wearing a black 'Billabong' long sleeve hooded puffer jacket, dark shorts and white 'Reebok' skate shoes.

He is known as a frequent visitor to Erina and The Entrance.

NSW Police would also like to hear from anyone who may have dash cam footage or CCTV from Wilfred Barrett Drive, Hutton Road or Stewart Streets between 12.30am and 6am on Friday 26 November.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Wyong Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

Information is treated in strict confidence.

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