Australia: WA ups worker pay offer over inflation

Annual inflation rise is ‘confronting’

  Annual inflation rise is ‘confronting’ Inflation rose 1.8 per cent in the June quarter, for an annual rate of 6.1 per cent, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported.Australia has recorded its worst inflation outcome since the introduction of the GST, likely locking in an interest rate rise by the central bank next month.

Western Australian teachers, nurses, police officers, cleaners and public servants have been offered a six per cent wage rise over the next two years as a buffer to rising inflation.

WA Premier Mark McGowan says the pay offer increase is a response to peaking inflation. © Richard Wainwright/AAP PHOTOS WA Premier Mark McGowan says the pay offer increase is a response to peaking inflation.

The Western Australia government has increased its pay offer for 150,000 workers to three per cent annually for the next two years, along with an additional $2500 cost of living payment.

Premier Mark McGowan said the move was in response to peaking inflation and would cost the budget an extra $634 million over the next four years.

Why are prices rising and what is the inflation rate in the US?

  Why are prices rising and what is the inflation rate in the US? As US interest rates go up again to tackle soaring costs, we explain why everything is so expensive.The increase in the cost of living is putting a squeeze on people's finances, as incomes fail to keep up.

"Given the current economic climate we've listened and reviewed our wages policy," he wrote on social media on Sunday.

"This is a reasonable and generous policy, but also responsible in these volatile economic times."

The changes will immediately flow through to industries that have already accepted the government's previous 2.75 per cent pay increase offer, including teachers and public hospital doctors.

Some workers' wages will be boosted more than the three per cent annual rate, with a patient care assistant who earns just over $55,000 a year set to effectively get a 7.5 per cent wage rise over the first year.

Perth's consumer price index jumped 1.7 per cent in the June quarter, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data, pushing its annual inflation rate well above the national average to 7.4 per cent.

Health workers and other WA public servants were lobbying for a pay rise above 2.75 per cent, with some holding stop-work meetings outside Perth hospitals in recent weeks.

The McGowan government banked a $5.7 billion surplus in this year's state budget, which included a one-off $400 electricity credit for every household.

Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe changes his mind on ANOTHER economic prediction .
Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe is now predicting inflation will hit a 32-year high of 7.75 per cent this year. Less than two months ago, he was forecasting something very different.Borrowers were last year repeatedly assured the cash rate would stay on hold at a record-low of 0.1 per cent for another three years but Russia's war on Ukraine has caused inflation to approach levels unseen in more than three decades.

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