Australia: Don’t suspend beef imports, PM tells China

China hits out at Australia for response to military drills near Taiwan

  China hits out at Australia for response to military drills near Taiwan China has accused Australia of making "unfair judgments" after both the foreign minister and defence minister criticised it for launching live-fire military drills in retaliation to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan.The Chinese Embassy in Australia released a statement saying Foreign Minister Penny Wong, as well her counterparts from the USA and Japan, was "reversing right from wrong" in her response to China's military drills in the Taiwan Strait.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says China shouldn’t use foot and mouth disease as an excuse to stop importing Australian beef.

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Australia is free of the contageous animal virus but remains on high-alert given outbreaks in Indonesia and its spread into Bali, a popular tourist destination for Australians.

“We’re acting on the foot and mouth disease, we’ve acted very strongly,” Mr Albanese told ABC Radio on Tuesday.

“There’s no indication that it (biosecurity) has not been successful here in Australia.”

The prime minister’s assurance follows a Chinese media outlet reporting Beijing had banned Australian beef imports over foot and mouth fears, while other outlets branded the report as incorrect.

China, Taiwan play high-seas ‘cat and mouse’ as drills wrap up

  China, Taiwan play high-seas ‘cat and mouse’ as drills wrap up China is set to conclude the unprecedented military exercises it launched in response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit.The air and naval drills were launched in response to a visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and involved test launches of ballistic missiles over the island’s capital for the first time.

Video: China believes it's 'entitled to take Taiwan by force' (Sky News Australia)

Mr Albanese again called on China to remove trade sanctions against a range of Australian products.

“There is no justification for any of the economic sanctions that have been put in,” he said.

“They are contrary to both the spirit and the detail that are there in the trade agreements that we have with China and the sanctions should be withdrawn.”

Mr Albanese didn’t directly address whether Australia should brace for further Chinese sanctions or tariffs following Canberra’s support for Taiwan and freedom of navigation exercises in the Taiwan Strait as tensions escalate.

“We should have good relations and co-operate with China wherever we can. But we will stand up for Australian interests where we must,” he said.

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