Australia: Fischer and the three question marks

Swiss mountain pass set to lose all ice within weeks

  Swiss mountain pass set to lose all ice within weeks The thick layer of ice that has covered a Swiss mountain pass for centuries will have melted away completely within a few weeks, a ski resort said Thursday. "The pass will be entirely in the open air in a few weeks," the Glacier 3000 ski resort said in a statement. While the ice measured around 15 metres (49.5 feet) thick in 2012, the ground underneath "will have completely resurfaced by the end of September".The ridge is at an altitude of 2,800 metres in the Glacier 3000 ski domain and effectively marks the border between the Vaud and Wallis cantons in western Switzerland.Skiers could glide over the top from one glacier to the other.

before the duel with Leipzig speaks some for Union Berlin. The Köpenickers still have to adjust to a few imponderables.

Setzt Urs Fischer gegen Leipzig auf Christopher Trimmel? © Imago/Nordphoto ranges Urs Fischer against Leipzig on Christopher Trimmel?

Union Ideas against Flinke Leipziger

The 1. FC Union Berlin has started the season better than the still winless cup winner RB Leipzig. Across the season, the iron has been unbeaten for nine games. The team of coach Urs Fischer is also strong. Leipzig also has to do without the injured stem keeper Peter Gulacsi, who is replaced by first division debutant Janis Blaswich.

apart from the unfortunate 1-2 loss in the DFB Cup semi-final in April, Union with the Saxons has recently been able to do something. The last three Bundesliga porties each won the capitals 2-1. Nevertheless, there are a few question marks with the hosts before the game. For example, how Leipzig's new international Timo Werner and David Raum can be stopped and how RB has already been with you? "If we are compact and all do the same, then they have little rooms. Then you can constantly exert pressure," said Union captain Christopher Trimmel.

Lady Gaga tells Americans to 'speak up' in fight for abortion rights

  Lady Gaga tells Americans to 'speak up' in fight for abortion rights Lady Gaga paused her concert in Washington D.C. this week to speak out against America's anti-abortion ruling declaring 'we will not stop until it's right'.Lady Gaga has urged Americans to speak up and vowed to continue fighting against the country's anti-abortion ruling.

Trimmel or Rerson? Or both?

The defense lawyer does not yet know whether he is running from the start and could thus become a direct counterpart of space. Last Sunday in the encounter at 1. FSV Mainz 05 (0-0) Julian Rerson had preserved the right -back. Trimmel was only substituted in the final phase.

You might think that 24-year-old Norwegian Ryerson would be a little more predestined for the nimble Leipziger in terms of speed and age. But the difference is probably not that big. The 35 -year -old Trimmel, who can also make up for a lot with experience, stood in April at two games in Leipzig within four days both in the cup (1: 2) and in the championship (2: 1) each in the starting eleven. And he convinced.

During the Bundesliga start against Hertha BSC, Trimmel and Rerson even started together. Because the variable Ryseron was allowed to get on the left, Niko Gießelmann first had to be satisfied with the bank. Let's see when Fischer is on the outside this time.

Fan protest against RB Leipzig

The question of the atmosphere is also exciting. At least at the beginning it should be rather quiet in the stadium on the old forester's shop. Union club spokesman Christian Arbeits assumes "that it will happen as it was always." Means: In protest against RB Leipzig, the Union supporters will be silent in the first 15 minutes.

This also calls chief coach Fischer on the scene. He wants to prepare the new obligations that the forester is not the usual cauldron at the beginning. Fischer: "You should address that it is a little quieter for 15 minutes." Union's chances of success should not reduce this.

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singer Heino (83, bourgeois Heinz-Georg Kramm) can look back on a very successful career in show business. Of course, over time, there was also a considerable assets that should go into the millions. But his fortune brings one thing with it: disputes.

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