Australia: Australia's energy policy keeps getting 'sillier and sillier'

Putin is fighting two wars, only one of them with bullets

  Putin is fighting two wars, only one of them with bullets In the coming northern winter, as he tries to blast the people of Ukraine into submission, Putin will attempt to freeze the people of wider Europe into acquiescence. Just as we overestimated Russia's military capability - Western intelligence anticipated a quick and dirty war in which Ukrainian arms would be swiftly overwhelmed - we must not make the mistake of underestimating the impact of massive energy shortages across Europe, as temperatures plummet and the demand for heating drives energy costs sharply upwards.

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Australia’s energy policy keeps getting “sillier and sillier”.

Ms Credlin said Europe’s energy crisis is not just because they had become “energy dependent on the Russian dictator” Vladimir Putin but also because of the “climate-driven rush to renewables,” which are not reliable.

“With this living, breathing example of what not to do before our very eyes,” she said.

“You'd think, wouldn't you, that policymakers here would be grateful that 60 per cent plus of our power still comes from reliable coal-fired power, especially as we have more coal than we could possibly use ourselves.”

The Nord Stream pipeline sabotage is a warning to Europe

  The Nord Stream pipeline sabotage is a warning to Europe The undersea explosions in two gas pipelines from Russia exposed Europe’s vulnerabilities — just as the continent faces a looming energy crisis.Officials detected significant drops in pressure in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on Monday, and then detected another pressure drop on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which were ultimately determined to come from three separate leaks. Swedish seismologists have said underwater explosions caused these leaks. The Danish military released footage of gas from the pipeline bubbling to the surface of the Baltic Sea.

She said New South Wales Energy Minister Matt Kean is using this to push Australia away from its own energy security.

“Today, Kean doubled down on his plans to make New South Wales largely coal-free within the next decade by calling for tenders to replace retiring coal-fired power stations with an electricity grid dominated by wind, solar, and so-called ‘long duration storage’,” she said.

  Australia's energy policy keeps getting 'sillier and sillier' © Provided by Sky News Australia

OPEC was always going to mess with oil prices. Was Biden’s team naive? .
Maybe Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia wasn’t so brilliant.President Joe Biden has called the move a “disappointment.” Perhaps more accurately, it’s an embarrassment for an American leader who has sought to enhance relations with the kingdom after a rough start. On top of that, it’s a sign of the limits of America’s ability to determine the global landscape amid its ongoing proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, in which Saudi Arabia has played both the US and Russia against one another.

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