Australia: Elon Musk is Twitter’s final main character

Twitter is set to lose 75 PERCENT of its remaining 3,700 workers as hundreds resign

  Twitter is set to lose 75 PERCENT of its remaining 3,700 workers as hundreds resign Elon Musk is set to lose 75 percent of his remaining workforce after hundreds resigned following his 5pm ET deadline for employees to get 'hardcore.'Musk sent an email to his remaining 3,700 workers on Wednesday and gave them a 5pm ET Thursday deadline to either click a link confirming their willingness to work 'long hours at high intensity', or leave the company with three months severance pay.

Elon Musk (Image: AAP/Jaap Arriens/Sipa USA) © Provided by Crikey Elon Musk (Image: AAP/Jaap Arriens/Sipa USA)

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In 2019, a Twitter user called @maplecocaine captured an important truth about the platform.

“Each day on Twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it”, they tweeted.

For those not familiar with the platform, being the “one main character” describes the moment when a Twitter user goes viral for the wrong reasons — typically for tweeting something ill-advised.

There are some people who revel in this attention. One example is MAGA-touting Nick Adams, who has been making a concerted effort recently to tweet troll statements — “The Los Angeles Lakers are better WITHOUT LeBron James in the lineup, this is a fact” was a recent egregious one — so that the people making fun of him will share his content further. (Believe it or not, the Trump-supporting, America-loving, Hooters-adoring buffoon is a former young Liberal who boasted about being the youngest deputy mayor in Australia and proposed killing all pigeons in his council area.)

Elon Musk restores the accounts of Twitter banned personalities, but says that she "did not yet make a decision" concerning Donald Trump

 Elon Musk restores the accounts of Twitter banned personalities, but says that she Donald Trump had been banished from the social network in January 2021, after the Capitole assault by his supporters . © supplied by Franceinfo arrived for three weeks, the new boss of Twitter dictates his rules. Elon Musk announced, Friday, November 18, that the accounts several accounts suspended from the platform, (including those of Kathy Griffin, Jordan Peterson and Babylon Bee), were readmitted on the platform.

Another is Elon Musk. His purchase of Twitter has gone poorly so far. He fired thousands of employees, before asking some to come back. He gave remaining staff an ultimatum between committing to “hardcore” Twitter or leaving, and then later walked back some of his demands. New features rolled out then rolled back. The platform itself is increasingly glitchy. Advertisers have fled in droves.

It has made Musk into Twitter’s permanent main character, which, in my opinion, has always been his motivation for buying it. Much like a certain former US president, the world’s richest man routinely announces decisions or thrashes out ideas about the platform on the platform. Other people use Twitter to dunk on him for his many follies. Journalists are using Twitter to livetweet the platform falling apart. It’s all very meta.

What Elon Musks Wohlen around Donald Trump really means

 What Elon Musks Wohlen around Donald Trump really means Düsseldorf. Elon Musk wants ex-President Donald Trump to return to Twitter. That says less about the state of freedom of expression in the USA than about despair on Twitter. © Susan Walsh The Tesla founder and Twitter boss Elon Musk "The people spoke." With this pithy claim, the new owner of the short message service Twitter explains his decision to give the former American President Donald Trump back access to the platform .

Like Trump before him, Musk knows that being at the centre of Twitter is a shortcut to being at the centre of culture. Despite only having a few hundred million users — fewer than Pinterest! — the platform’s concentration of public figures and media means it drives the world’s attention even if the majority of the world isn’t on there.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has used the platform to help cultivate the mythos of him as a genius visionary memelord. Now, Musk’s Twitter purchase means his place on Twitter is untouchable, he can mould his favourite platform to his liking, and it cements him as seemingly the only topic of discussion on the website.

Musk may yet turn Twitter around, but all evidence so far suggests that’s unlikely. It’s fitting that a monster of Twitter’s own creation would be responsible for the company’s possible demise. Part of the seductive power of Twitter is it entices people to weigh in on every topic beyond their expertise. But unlike most of us, a multi-billionaire can decide to turn their tweets of how to “fix Twitter” into reality.

Kanye West returns to Twitter following ban with insensitive tweet

  Kanye West returns to Twitter following ban with insensitive tweet Kanye is back on Twitter following a previous ban for anti-Semitic tweets. The ban, which was overturned by the social media's new CEO Elon Musk, unceremoniously came to an end with yet another insensitive tweet from the embattled rapper:. "Shalom :)" the 45-year-old rapper, also known as 'Ye', simply wrote – which is also a greeting used by Jewish people meaning 'peace'. READ MORE: The food King Charles is banning in royal residences READ MORE:The ban, which was overturned by the social media's new CEO Elon Musk, unceremoniously came to an end with yet another insensitive tweet from the embattled rapper:.


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Trump Obviously Has Some Kind of Psychodrama Going on With Musk

  Trump Obviously Has Some Kind of Psychodrama Going on With Musk Is Twitter really going to “go crazy” now that new owner Elon Musk has allowed previously banned users like former President Donald Trump back on the platform? Hosts Will Sommer and Kelly Weill discuss the prospects for the beleaguered social media site on this week’s episode of Fever Dreams. “It seems like the Elon Musk strategy for letting people back on has been people with big fan bases with some amount of quasi-respectability,” Sommer says, predicting Trump “will return to Twitter at some point.

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By now, you’ll no doubt have heard about the migration to Mastodon, an open-source social media platform with similarities to Twitter.

The major difference between Mastodon and Twitter is that rather than everyone existing on the same servers run by the platform, users sign up for individual, decentralised servers (or, in it lingo, “instances”) that join together.

These instances can be run by anyone and come with their own rules and community members. Think of Mastodon instances like email providers: you sign up for one, use them to interact with people on other servers, but are ultimately under the rule of whoever’s server you’re using.

Twitter users have joined different Mastodon instances, tried to acquaint themselves with the platform, and in some cases butted up against some of the norms established by an existing user base.

What’s that like? I asked Deborah Pickett, a moderator from the popular Australian server, who seems exhausted by the influx.

“It’s like being in a sleepy seaside village, and then a busload of tourists arrives. Then another sixty busloads. They’re loud, they’re trying to find their friends on the other buses, and though we asked them, as a group, and individually, to please not step on the flower beds, they did it anyway,” she said in an email.

"It was me who was holding it": Justine Wilson, the first wife of Elon Musk, corrects the billionaire about the death of their baby

 © Abaca Justine Musk immortalized during a walk. (Los Angeles, June 22, 2022.) His name was Nevada. The first child of Elon Musk and his ex-wife (from 2000 to 2008), the Canadian novelist Justine Wilson, was indeed died at the age of 10 weeks, in 2002. A tragic disappearance, mentioned by the billionaire in a tweet written on Monday, November 21.

Pickett is talking about the rules of, some of which might seem foreign to those coming from Twitter’s free-for-all. For example, users aren’t supposed to screenshot and share another user’s post without permission, even if it’s a public post.

Failing to abide by these rules has consequences. Not just for users but also other instances. Mastodon is set up to allow moderators to “defederate” from other instances, meaning users on your server won’t see that other server’s posts. One group who’ve come a cropper of these rules? A server set up just for journalists has been banned by many other instances.

This might all sound complicated and strange, but it’s also part and parcel of Mastodon’s slightly different approach to being a social network. Unlike Twitter, where you’re thrown into the arena with everyone else, Mastodon attempts a balance, allowing people to curate their own online communities while also being able to connect with others.

Managing a community is no easy feat at the best of times. And with a rush of new users coming in, Pickett notes, they also have a say in setting the direction of the online space.

“Now, after three (it’s only three!) weeks, some of them have built their own homes in the village, and they’re helping to welcome the next four hundred busloads of tourists,” she said.

That’s it for WebCam this week! I’ll be back in two weeks. In the meantime, you can find more of my writing here. And if you have any tips or story ideas, here are a few ways you can get in touch.

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