Entertainment: Has the Paris City Hall really showed historic lamps?

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On retrouve ce genre de lampadaires sur l’avenue de Rivoli, à deux pas du musée du Louvre. © Google Maps Screen Capture We find these kinds of lampposts on the Avenue de Rivoli, just a stone's throw from the Louvre Museum.

Many Internet users accused the town hall of Paris to intend to get rid of Haussmanian style lamps. The images disseminated on social networks actually show street lamps, which are not properties of the city of Paris.

HAUSSMANNIAN LAMPS OF THE CITY OF PARIS WILL BE DISPOSED? Many Internet users circulated this information on social networks lately, publishing pictures of abandoned lampposts and pointing the responsibility of the Paris City Hall.

This is the case of the own Paris account that published on May 31, a tweet showing abandoned candelabra to Saint-Cloud, as explains BFMTV .

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we found the floor lamps !! In Saint-Cloud above the highway! If you want to act for Paris, here is the opportunity! @cnews @unionparisan @jcqdse @Parishistoric @sosparis @Parismarais @Roulerlibrefri pic.twitter.com/ne6veieus1

- Paris Clean (@paris__Propre) May 31, 2021

The Town Hall of Paris No Owner

Other photos also circulated accompanied by hashtag #SaccageParis , made popular in the spring to denounce "the hacking" of the capital. This time, Internet users call "the identity of Paris" through these floor lamps.

After the benches, these fabulous lamps that made the charm of the capital are judged too dilapided by the town hall of Paris.

too bud, too kitsch or too old France, the Mayor does not appreciate the emblem of a Paris too distinguished; Place at the consternative modernity ... pic.twitter.com/4yzpnkcbnt

Paris. In the 14th, the town hall wants to recover a hotel to make it an HLM

 Paris. In the 14th, the town hall wants to recover a hotel to make it an HLM © Lucas Barioulet / AFP aerial view of the city of Paris, May 20 2021. The city of Paris plans to expropriate three co-owners of their hotel. Abandoned, located in the 14th arrondissement. The latter has been closed for ten years. The city would like to turn it into social housing. The city of Paris ( Ile-de-France ) will attempt to acquire a former hotel closed for ten years located in the 14th arrondissement of the capital.

- Sylvain clama (@sylvainclama) June 17, 2021

In reality, the town hall of Paris, interviewed by 20 minutes , says not owning these luminaires. They are the property of a private company.

Moreover, they are not abandoned but in compensation as the urban planning department of the city of Paris at release . "The candelabra of this style is not a Parisian exclusivity, also specified the urban planning service on a daily basis. Many communities have in place. The candles reported on this photo and this place of storage are in no way owned by the city of Paris [which] has its own storage site.

According to Liberation, the images where the lamps appear on the photos of Internet users date from August 2020.

The owner of the storage space explained to make repairs on these lampposts and asserts "to have contracts With many aging communes ».

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