Entertainment: Mark Hulbert: why Robin Hood and social media is a dangerous mix are have

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"Meme" investor looking this year great impact on the stock market. But stock market expert Mark Hulbert sees a dangerous mix in the combination of social media and trading apps such as Robinhood.

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• Hype about "meme" shares

• Robinhood in criticism

• Study occupies risky behavior in group

This year, numerous small investors have the powerful hedge fund declared war. To do this, replace reddit and other internet forums and already drove with concerted purchases the stock prices of so-called "meme shares" such as the US video player Gamestop or the cinema AMC in astronomical heights. Hedge funds, which, on the other hand, had speculated on falling courses, thus suffered huge losses.

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"The Wolf of Wall Street" thrilled

The former stockbroker Jordan Belfort, whose marked by parties, drugs and luxury life with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role in "The Wolf of Wall Street" was filmed, was enthusiastic about the uprising of Hobby Investor against the power of institutional major investors. According to Belfort, it would not be able to earn money primarily, but rather to beat back. "The danger here, however, that this will turn out badly for the shares and I hope that people will not lose their money," the stock market expert.

Mark Hulbert warns in danger

also Mark Hulbert, operator of the Hulbert Financial Digest and Journalist at the message portal "Marketwatch" holds social media and trading apps like Robinhood for a mix that is "often toxic". He refers to a study by Agnieszka Tymula, economic professor at the University of Sydney, and Xueting Wang, a Ph.D. Candidate for behavioral economy at the same university.

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As part of an experiment could select 18- to 24-year-old study participants between a secure income and the possibility of lottery winnings. They met their decision either while they were alone, or while they were observed by other participants. It turned out that it decided much more often for the risky lottery, while others watch them.

Although this study is not focused on Robin Hood, but for Mark Hulbert it helps to explain the risky behavior in connection with the trading app. Thus, "Meme" investors in social media had raided by their profits and the thrill of showing the hedge funds and shore cells. Tymula also speculated on the basis of their study that such investers were possibly motivated by their (online) society to respond to major risks.

Robin Hood - a gamble provider?

The ROBINHOOD app is easy to use and is considered as a pioneer of a younger generation of US investors. The aim of the company is to "democratize" the financial market and also to open up the stock market, which have no inherited assets.

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contrast Critics accuse the company that its business model verleite users to risky bets. The broker behaves more like a gambling provider than a serious financial service provider. Robinhood, however, has these allegations. Avoid

Social Thrill

Mark Hulbert conceded at least, risky behavior that young adults who are in a group that is hardly limited to the stock trading . In addition, the MarketWatch Column is admitted that Robinhood users were not responsible for short squeezees for shares and that young adults already used social media before there was Robinhood.

Nevertheless, for him, Robinhood was at least one accomplice. Many users of the app would consider namely equity investment as a game and often spread screenshots of their profits in social media. Mark Hulbert concludes that it is important for investors to make no risky decisions only due to the resulting thrill. FINANCEN.net

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