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Entertainment: The shockingly accurate predictions of Nostradamus

Long COVID Is Everyone’s Problem

  Long COVID Is Everyone’s Problem Many long-haulers feel that science is failing them. Neglecting them could make the pandemic even worse.In June 2020, when I started reporting on long COVID, few scientists or physicians knew that it existed—and many doubted that it did. The common wisdom was that people infected with SARS-CoV-2 mostly get mild symptoms that resolve after two weeks. And yet, thousands of “long-haulers” had already been debilitated by months of extreme fatigue, brain fog, breathing difficulties, and other relentless, rolling problems.

Kelly Clarkson could start dating again within weeks.

Kelly Clarkson holding a phone © Bang Showbiz Kelly Clarkson

The 39-year-old singer is in the process of finalising her divorce from Brandon Blackstock and as soon as that's confirmed, Kelly plans to turn her attention towards her future.

A source said: "She hasn’t been dating and has been waiting until she is legally divorced, which will be in the next two weeks."

Kelly - who has River, seven, and Remington, five, with her estranged husband - hopes her showbiz pal Blake Shelton will help her to find a new man.

The pop star wants to find a man who understands the music business.

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Exactly what will happen within 10 minutes to 10 days of the Queen's death

  Exactly what will happen within 10 minutes to 10 days of the Queen's death Plans for Queen Elizabeth's funeral have been leaked for the first time, detailing the day-by-day plans, memorials and "codewords" used for the sombre occasion. The plans, named "Operation London Bridge" were leaked by Politico and explained exactly what will occur from within 10 minutes to 10 days of Her Majesty's death. The Queen has reigned since February 1952, now aged 95, with no indication that she is unwell, but here are the plans as they pan out.READ MORE: Former staffer says Queen won't abdicate after losing Philip: 'She will carry on' © AP Queen Elizabeth has reigned since February 1952.

The insider told Us Weekly: "She wants a younger, up-and-coming country singer [who] understands the business."

Ted Bundy Movies Ranked from Best to Worst

  Ted Bundy Movies Ranked from Best to Worst The serial killer has become a figure of fascination in the true-crime world. Through movies and documentaries it's hard to avoid knowing about his crimes.Bundy kidnapped, raped and murdered at least 30 women during the 1970s, potentially earlier. In 1978, he was tried for the murders of Lisa Levy, 20, Margaret Bowman, 21, and Kimberly Diane Leach,12. He received three death sentences.

Kelly is now looking to move on from her marriage and she has "no regrets" about their divorce.

The source explained: "She hasn’t and won’t ever look back. Kelly has no regrets about filing for divorce."

Kelly previously admitted that it was tough going through a divorce while she's in the spotlight.

The singer likes to be honest and open with her fans, but she also felt the need to protect her young children.

The 'Behind These Hazel Eyes' hitmaker said: "There's a lot of hearts involved here. And you know, that's the thing that's been kind of hard to navigate is I am an open book, but at some point I'm a mama bear more than I am a person in the public eye.

"So, I care 100 percent more about my children than I do anything else on this planet. So, that's been the hard thing of, like, yes, I'm willing to share my experience and yes, it is the worst."

The West is getting Afghanistan wrong – again .
Here are four misconceptions about the Afghan crisis that Western politicians and pundits continue to spread.Longtime observers of the US and NATO war, with its frequent unmet timelines and repeated insistence that change was just around the corner, should not be surprised. Despite amassing a wealth of data on Afghanistan and making profitable careers for an army of analysts, contractors and assorted “experts”, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), to paraphrase Sun Tzu, failed to understand either its enemy or the nature of its own intervention.

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