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Entertainment: Squid Game (Netflix): The creator reveals what he has hidden in the names of the characters

"Squid Games", a South Korean dystopic thriller who carton

 © Copyright Netflix / Youngkyu Park "Squid Game", the Korean series, is available on Netflix. "Squid Games" is a Korean series that has a great success on Netflix. Its 9 episodes are at the top of the rankings in 83 countries and could become by a few weeks the most watched series in the history of the platform. His universe also invaded social networks where many southern "drama" references are included in Tiktok.

Squid Game (Netflix) : le créateur révèle ce qu'il a caché dans les noms des personnages © Netflix Squid Game (Netflix): the creator reveals what he has hidden in the names of the characters series recently become The most view of the story of Netflix, Squid Game has made a lot of talk in recent weeks. His creator has just revealed that some characters have been inspired by his entourage.

Unless you spent over the last three weeks to make a trek in the heart of the Amazon, it is unlikely that you are spent next to the Squid Game phenomenon. The series, exit on Netflix in September, created the surprise by becoming the most viewed series of all times on the platform. Praised in more than 111 million homes around the world, Squid Game has become number one in front of the chronicles of Bridgeton (89 million homes). So nothing amazing at what the series is on all the lips and face flow a lot of ink. His creator, who already had ended a theory on the capillary change of the main actor and had explained that he imagined to win another character , expressed again on a new element of the series this time connected to his personal story.

Squid Game: An actor of the series will play Berlin in the remake of Casa of Panel

 Squid Game: An actor of the series will play Berlin in the remake of Casa of Panel of the deadly games to the robberies, there is only one step! In Squid Game that could have a season 2, we have discovered new talented actors. But did you know that one of them would resume a cult role? He will soon embody Berlin in the Korean remake of Panel's Casa. Discover who it is. If you have not heard of Squid Game yet, it may be that you live in a cave.

Squid Game characters are inspired by the entourage of the director of the series while the series is based

on games of children who actually rocked the youth of Hwang Dong- Hyuk in South Korea of ​​the 1970s , it is not the only element that the creator of Squid Game has shot his personal life. In an interview given to our American colleagues of the Hollywood Reporter , Hwang Dong-Hyuk entrusts that "the names of the characters of Seav Gi-Hun (the main character, NDLR) , Cho Sang-Woo (the friend who has studied, NDLR) and IL-NAM (the aged gentleman, NDLR) are the names of my friends. Cho Sang-Woo is a childhood friend with whom I often played in the corridors . "He adds that" Hwang Jun-Ho (the police officer, NDLR ) and Hwang in-Ho (the brother disappeared, NDLR ) are the names of real people of my entourage. Hwang Jun-Ho is my friend and hwang in-ho is his elder brother, as in the series. As one of them lives in the United States, he had not come back to see their mother for a long time and they did not speak Often. I intentionally used their names so that they end up calling off and apologize for not being enough in contact. And that's what happened! " Gi-Hun, The hero of

Social inequality and hyper violence: why the bleak world of Netflix's Squid Game is a streaming phenomenon

  Social inequality and hyper violence: why the bleak world of Netflix's Squid Game is a streaming phenomenon Squid Game, an original Netflix drama produced in South Korea, is a streaming phenomenon. Released on 17 September, within two weeks the series has become the most-watched Netflix title in 76 countries, including the US, Australia and South Korea. Across nine episodes, desperate people enmeshed in debt voluntarily participate in a sequence of six sadistic and lethal survival games. The prize for the winner is 46.5 billion won (around $50 million). At the outset, the 456 participants are unaware there is a twist. There can only be one winner — and the rest of the contestants will die along the way.

Squid Game , is a e Representation of the creator himself Hwang Dong-Hyuk did not just baptize characters by the names of his friends, he was inspired by their lives to imagine them. And Gi-Hun, the hero of the series, would be the alter ego of Hwang Dong-Hyuk himself:

"Just like Gi-Hun, after the failure of my film, there was a period when I do not did not earn my life and where was my mother who financed me. I also been a horses racing fierce for a long time hoping to win a lot of money, although unlike GI-Hun I have never stolen money to my mother. His character is also inspired by my uncle, who has long asked my grandmother for a long time. And just like him, I grew up in Ssangmun-Dong and my family was not easy when I was was small. My grandmother also had a small market shop. " also entrusts having given his person for another character of the series: "Like blood woo, I went to the University of Seoul, the most prestigious of Korea. I have been the subject of Many expectations on the part of my family and many desires on the part of my entourage. "

After an end of season 1 very open, the director confirmed that

fans should take their evil patience before you can discover a season 2 .

How Netflix will change its ranking of the most viewed series? .
© Courtesy of Netflix "Squid Game" was viewed by 142 million accounts on Netflix, said the streaming platform. Who "Squid Game", "Bridgeton's Chronicle" or "Lupine" is truly the most viewed series on Netflix? The Giant Streaming Chamboule while changing his ranking system. Finished on lingering on the accounts, now Netflix will analyze your time spent in front of your screen.

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