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Entertainment: More Beautiful Life: "He did not deserve to die like that" ... The death of Caesar saddles the fans

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Accused of Body-Shaming Whoopi Goldberg

  Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Accused of Body-Shaming Whoopi Goldberg Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Accused of Body-Shaming Whoopi GoldbergThe show’s hosts and guests were in the midst of a discussion about Good American founder Emma Grede, who is set to appear on Shark Tank, making history as the first Black female guest shark on the ABC series on Thursday, October 7.

Plus belle la vie : © Capture / France 3 More beautiful life: "He did not deserve to die like that" ... Death From Caesar saddles the fans the fans of more beautiful life react to the death of Caesar, a character certainly Machiavellique and Roublard but to which they had ended up attempting.

after the death of Samia a few months ago , to stage the departure of Fabienne Carat , it is the turn of Caesar Cordonner, the nephew of the head of the head rochat, to pass the weapon on the left in More beautiful life. In the episode broadcast this Friday, October 15 and available in preview on Salto, Caesar is the victim of Jacob and Camille. Caesar was taken at his own trap, he wanted to condemn Baptiste , to separate him from Emma, ​​of which he has always been madly in love. A tragic end to which the comedian Grant Lawrens reacted , even if the other characters of more beautiful life will only discover the death of Caesar.

Dame Joan Collins 'couldn't bear' not having younger husband

  Dame Joan Collins 'couldn't bear' not having younger husband Dame Joan Collins, 88, doesn't think she could "bear" having a husband her own age.The 88-year-old actress tied the knot with her fifth husband, 56-year-old Percy Gibson, in 2002 and she “can’t imagine” life without him by her side.

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"I was surprised because I did not expect it, told us Grant Lawrens, Who also entrusted the shooting of his last scenes. I did not try to spill the steam by asking for the production to keep me, I accepted the decision. Even if Caesar is bad, naughty and often hated by viewers, I think there was still a form of sympathy for him. But in this intrigue, he still wanted to kill Baptist! He had a CAP and his death is justified. In my opinion, this will be more acceptable to see him die for that reason rather than for what he was in general. "

"Head to slapping but so cute" Yet, if Caesar has always been known in the Mistral for his mags and manipulations, he also had endearing sides. In particular when he revealed his softer face, in his relations with Sabrina or Barbara (

Léa François who reacted from his partner ). This probably explains why the fans of more beautiful life are saddened to say goodbye to Caesar. "He did not deserve to die like that!", exclaims Mary, on the Facebook page of leisure. "Why not kill Jacob rather than Caesar? He killed enough people are tired of him and his accomplice Camille! But let us Caesar!" , Claim Marcelle. "There was no need to kill him, he could stay and be so cynical, it was fine and it allowed him to continue to be in the series. Head to slapping but so cute, we have trouble Do not love him anyway! ", explains Dominique. Grant Lawrens will bounce back in another soap opera?

US rules out normalizing with Syria's Assad

  US rules out normalizing with Syria's Assad Secretary of State Antony Blinken renewed US opposition Wednesday to normalization with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has seen growing acceptance from Arab nations that have concluded he won the brutal civil war. Meeting with his Israeli and UAE counterparts, Blinken said that President Joe Biden's administration's policy on Syria was largely focused on humanitarian relief. "What we have not done, and what we do not intend to do, is to express any support for efforts to normalize relations or rehabilitate Mr. Assad," Blinken told a joint news conference, not referring to Assad as president.

Other fans of

more beautiful life regret this definitive output, while the screenwriters sometimes leave the door to a possible return, for other characters: "He deserved to travel, yes, to come back one day, But not like this scenario to come ... ", writes Florence. "Too bad, we will miss Caesar! With his mischievous eyes, there are others to turn before him! ", add Chantal. "Why go to Caesar it was moving in his role as loved loving" , esteem Marie-Claire. Fan also more beautiful life , Pam writes: "Cėsar will miss me. I would like Grant Lawrens to join the casting of such a great sun." WFP's wish may be granted: the comedian has indeed indicated that he would like to play, why not in another soap opera. "It's possible, did he declare to us. I do not refuse the proposals. I would like to do other series of this kind. So yes it's possible that one day I'm in Tomorrow belongs to us or such a great sun if it is obvious to me. In the role of the nice maybe ... " remains to know if his call will be heard.

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