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Entertainment: Adele contemplated not releasing 30

Adele opens up about her divorce from ex Simon Konecki

  Adele opens up about her divorce from ex Simon Konecki Adele has opened up about her mental health struggle following her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki. In an interview with Rolling Stone published on Thursday, November 11, the 33-year-old 'Easy On Me' singer got very candid about her 2019 split, telling the publication that the internet was flooded with tweets and memes about how devastating her next album would be because of it. "During something like that, that kind of significant thing to happen in life, your mind sort of goes to those places," Adele told Rolling Stone.

Adele had considered not releasing her new album.

Adele considered not releasing 30 © Bang Showbiz Adele considered not releasing 30

The 33-year-old singer's long-awaited fourth LP, '30', comes out on Friday (19.11.21), but she's admitted to previously having doubts about whether to make it the songs for public consumption.

The Grammy-winning star - whose new record was inspired by her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki - said: "There were moments, when I was writing these songs, and even when I was mixing them and stuff like that, where I was like, 'Maybe I don't need to put this album out.' Like maybe I should write another."

Adele admits she approaches writing music as if it's a form of therapy, a way of releasing the emotions of her divorce and the other challenges she's faced over recent years "out of [her] system".

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Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1: "Just because music is my therapy. I'm never going into the studio to be like, 'Right, I need another hit.' It's not like that for me.

The most interesting revelations from Adele's Oprah interview

  The most interesting revelations from Adele's Oprah interview Adele has opened up about her weight loss, coming to terms with the collapse of her marriage and juggling motherhood and her musical career in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey. The candid, wide-ranging sit-down — which took place in the rose garden where Winfrey also interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — was part of CBS' special Adele One Night Only, which aired on Sunday night in the US. The prime-time special featured a performance from an exclusive concert that was pre-recorded at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and was a prelude to the Grammy Award winner's fourth studio album, "30," which will be released on November 19.

"When something is more powerful and overwhelming than me, I like to go to a studio because it's normally a basement and there's no f****** windows and no reception, so no one can get hold of me. So I'm basically running away. And no one would've known I'd written that record. And it's like maybe I just had to get it out of my system and stuff."

Adele - who has a nine-year-old sin Angelo with ex-spouse Simon - also believes that being sincere is a crucial element of her success, because her fans can relate to her and her struggles.

She said: "I don't think there's any expectation of sincerity left in music from artists. And, I believe that artists are sincere. And, I think to be an artist, like an actual artist, it comes from deep within us. And, it's a necessity that we have to put it out.

"And, I don't just mean being an artist as a singer or a writer. It could be a painter. It could be a photographer. It could be a chef, an architect. Someone that's creating something."

Adele album becomes 2021's fastest-seller .
The singer lands a number one album with 30, while lead single Easy on Me dominates singles chart.Its 261,000 first-week chart sales mean it overtook the Swedish pop group's comeback album Voyage, which opened with 204,000 sales.

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