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Entertainment: Heavy mistakes and their consequences: From the BVB Hart

at Adeyemi speaks everything for the BVB

 at Adeyemi speaks everything for the BVB Munich - here you will find all news and rumors around international Karim Adeyemi. This does not miss any transfer rumors around the ShootingStar of RB Salzburg. © Imago Images / Sven Simon Karim Adeyemi An overview of the transfer rumors of the Bundesliga and the International Top-Ligen can also be found on our site.

meets this BVB leaves nothing as frustration and question mark. The permanent defense dropouts of his team and the momentum in the Champions League at Sporting Lisbon (1: 3) can hardly understand coach Marco Rose.

Jude Bellingham (l-r), Donyell Malen und Reinier von Dortmund. © Alvaro Isidoro / dpa Jude Bellingham (L-R), Donyell paint and Reinier from Dortmund.

Captain Marco Reus tried to explain with a bitter smile after all, which is no longer explaining. "We always discuss the same mistakes at the end," the national player complained to Dazn. These again and again Patzer's similar patterns have for Borussia Dortmund to Königsklassen-K.o. Now consequences: financially and in the longer term probably also personal.

BVB: Basic values ​​Code becomes a new cornerstone

 BVB: Basic values ​​Code becomes a new cornerstone on its general meeting on Sunday Borussia Dortmund also adopted the introduction of a code that should be a cornerstone of future decisions. © Imago Images Also colors and logo are part of the basic value code at BVB.

"It was our clear goal to get into the next round, to overwinter in the Champions League," said Rose, who also spoke that his team pay the own mistakes this time "more than bitter". The entry into the secondary finals would have been rewarded by the UEFA with almost ten million euros, now this money lacks the economically difficult by the Corona Pandemic also hardly hit Westphalia. Instead, after winter break, it continues in the class departans and financially significantly less attractive Europe League. This time was partly absurd defense error, an unnecessary red card and an ice-cold opponent.

Reus is served

strongly did not play all and not, but the Portuguese master took the offers of the BVB grateful. At the 0: 1 (30th minute) left-back Nico Schulz had played the ball for a fatal miscalculation in the barrel after a fatal miscalvation. At the 0: 2 by goncalves (39th) then the internal defense was not good at the likewise weak Marin Pongracic. Before 0: 3 by Pedro Porro (81.), the previously longed injured Dan-Axel Zagadou had a penalty. And then there was the red card (74th) because of an opportunity for the only at half-time for Schulz Emre Can.

Model Upamecano: So Dortmund Haaland wants to hold

 Model Upamecano: So Dortmund Haaland wants to hold The BVB uses everything to convince Erling Haaland from a whereabouts over the end of the season. As a role model, RB Leipzig could serve. © Provided by 90min Does BVB moves with Haaland like RB with UPAMECANO? | Maja Hitij / GettyImages The fact that Erling Haaland with Borussia Dortmund has a valid exit clause from 2022, was officially never confirmed, but now is considered to be securitized.

"A shitty evening," Reus said after a performance forgetting. The ongoing personnel problems did not want to be considered as an excuse. In fact, the BVB would have been able to master the supposedly lightweight group with Sporting, Ajax Amsterdam and Besiktas Istanbul without permanent best occupation. Now before the group finals against the Turks in two weeks remain only the frustration and bitter insights. Because even if Rose shouted, "With the failures, my God, then it's the way, then the players fall out, then others can show." But he also noticed that BVB Erling Haaland can not replace.

After this season, the Borussians will probably have to get along without the currently injured wonderful. This is an almost grotesque situation: After the missed qualification, the Norwegian lacks not only at the Qatar World Cup in the winter 2022, even the royal class must now do without one of the greatest attractions of world football. The little chance to whereabouts at the BVB over the summer should have fallen again. Instead, Haaland and Borussia International now continues a level lower. This could not paint the late goal of Donyell (90. + 3) no longer prevent.

fake bus: TV crew creates it into the BVB stadium .
A TV prank with a wrong team bus has triggered excitement in the security personnel before playing between Dortmund and Bayern. © Provided by Fake bus: TV crew creates it into the BVB Stadium a TV prank with a false team bus has triggered in front of the Bundesliga Spiel between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich on Saturday excitement at the security personnel.

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