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Entertainment: POWERTOYS: Microsoft Published Version 0.51 with numerous improvements

security researcher publishes example exploit for Zero-Day gap in Windows

 security researcher publishes example exploit for Zero-Day gap in Windows © default_credit vulnerabilities (Image: The vulnerability allows an unauthorized extension of user rights. Affected are apparently all supported versions of Windows and Windows Server. The publication happens to protest against Microsoft. The Security Fores Abdelhamid NACERI has released sample code for an exploit with which a previously unpacked vulnerability can be exploited in Windows.

PowerToys © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Powrawoys

Microsoft has released version 0.51 of the POWERTOYS for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The new update brings next to several improvements under the hood and the usual bugfixes also a new mouse utility. After Find My Mouse, a new highlighter is now available, which can be activated via the key combination "Windows + Shift + H". There were also innovations for other modules.

The developers have donated additional formats to the Color Picker to copy colors as a decimal value. The Launcher PowerToys Run now supports URI handling in apps with expressions such as "mailto:" and was considered with additional expansions of the plugins for settings and Visual Studio Code. The Image Resizer can now remove non-essential metadata and there are smaller visual improvements relating, among other things, the Video Conference Mute Utility, the Mouse Utilities and the Shortcut Guide.

PowerPoint receives new features for recording presentation videos

 PowerPoint receives new features for recording presentation videos © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft PowerPoint Classic frontal presentations are at the latest since the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic Out. If I'm honest, I miss her not a bit, because I had really exciting experiences rarely. The presentations have currently relocated more or less completely into online meetings and Microsoft has developed numerous functions to network PowerPoint and teams.

have been significantly improved with this update but the fancyzones and PowerRename. So the fancyzones got new possibilities for window changes donated and individual zones can now also accept the corresponding theme as well as the accent color in the system, and there are also a preview of how the zones would look like in the settings. PowerRename was considered in various ways with numerous performance improvements. New, certain keyboard shortcuts are also working here for faster work.

What else has already done in this version, you can read as always in the release Notes .

Onlyoffice: Partner Program offers numerous advantages for new resellers .
© default_credit imagen1 Who wants to offer its customers in the context of its software solution, IT services or just as a reseller the open source collaboration platform only ownoffice, can be used on many benefits from the only office -Partner program. The platform now offers exclusive benefits for new resellers by the end of the year and thus offers providers worldwide an attractive offer. The Open Source OnlyOffice sets great value for maximum integrability into existing IT ecosystems.

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