Entertainment: Fashion trend: 3 Basics, the Katie Holmes at her French girl look sets

Virgil Abloh dies of cancer aged 41

  Virgil Abloh dies of cancer aged 41 Virgil Abloh, the first black artistic director of Louis Vuitton, had died at the age of 41 after a two-year battle with a rare form of cancer following a fulfilling career in the fashion design industryAbloh had joined the luxury brand in March 2018 and founded the label Off-White, which LVMH took a 60 percent stake in, about five years earlier.

The style of the French is admired by the whole world. No wonder, after all, the looks of the French Girls always look great chic and yet so wonderfully unscrewed. That's why the stylings are also happy to be copied, because of all alone they rarely succeed. And not only very ordinary women like you and I like to inspire themselves from the French, but also Hollywood stars like Katie Holmes .

Modetrend: Mit diesen 3 Basics stylst du Katie Holmes' Look nach Getty Images © Getty Images Fashion Trend: With these 3 basics you style Katie Holmes' Look to Getty Images

The actress is known for your love for BASICS . Whether a simple jeans, a simple sweater or a white T-shirt, Katie Holmes knows how it creates from the simplest Pieces fashion trend looks. You might also remind you of the set of bustier and cardigan from gray cashmere, which triggered a veritable hype on the so-called Bra-Digans . Now, however, we have spotted the 42-year-old in another look, which has the stuff to become the next fashion trend!

in winter 2021 are all crazy about Cloud Boots - H & M has the shoe trend already

 in winter 2021 are all crazy about Cloud Boots - H & M has the shoe trend already © Getty Images Shoe Trend Cloud Boots: In the model of H & M we fell in love with Getty Images Stepping Jackets, Stepping Skirts , yes even Stepping pants are just seen on fashion professionals and on their instagram channels. And not enough. In winter 2021 quilted boots become fashion trend. Where the so-called Cloud Boots gives and how you stylst the shoe trend, you will find out here.

Katie Holmes makes this simple French girl style to fashion trend

but as I said, even stars can be inspired from others again and again. And the combination of Katie Holmes favorite Basics and the French French girl style results in the following styling formula: strip shirt + jeans + loafer = fashion trend . And the best thing: the look can be graded in no time, because it consists of only three garments that guarantees every * r of us already at home!

so stylst the fashion trend of Katie Holmes

The basis of Katies look form a simple jeans and a light blue-white striped shirt . And what is French as a classic sliced ​​jeans and the favorite pattern of the Frenchies - strips? In addition, the casual styling ensures the right vibe, because the actress has chosen a loose-falling blouse that has raised her up to the sleeves. The look is perfected by a pair of white Loafer with GLCCI Golden Cleaning. As we all know, the Accessories may not be missing during a successful look. Katie Holmes attacks a simple black sunglasses and a brown leather shoulder bag to round off the fashion trend.

What we can look out about the actress? In addition to the French girl styling also a simple fashion rule: to create a trendy look, you do not necessarily have to shop the most modern pieces. It is important to have simple and timeless basics that you can then combine every season. And whom the ideas go out, which simply throws a brief look to Paris.

in vs. out: These boots trends are announced in winter 2021 - and these no longer .
shoes we can never have enough women * yes. That's why a seasonal style check makes sense. Since we have arrived in winter, we dedicate ourselves to the topic Boot Trends . Because one thing is said: a winter without a boot is like a pie without sugar - unthinkable! Of course, we do not want to wear any models as fashion professionals. Our boots must be up to date and for that reason we have a small in vs. out list put together with the most important boot models for the winter 2021 .

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